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Phuket Tuk-Tuk Hero Spoils Drunken Thief's Getaway Bid

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Phuket tuk-tuk hero spoils drunken thief's getaway bid


Mr Santi(checkered shirt)hands a 2,000 baht reward to

Mr Phathaphon as Chalong Police Superintendent

Wichit Intorrasorn (right) and Crime Suppression

Inspector Pachai Matthayan look on.

PHUKET: - A Phuket tuk-tuk driver's bravery led to the arrest of a man who allegedly tried to steal more than 170,000 baht from his employer early on Monday night.

Tuk-tuk driver Phathaphon Phumdee, 34, was driving a fare to Phuket Bus Terminal 1 on Phang Nga Road in Phuket Town when his cell phone rang.

It was his wife calling to tell him that his drunken passenger had just stolen a large sum of money from his employer and was trying to make a getaway.

Despite fears that the passenger sitting next to him in the front seat might be armed, Mr Phathaphon bravely turned his tuk-tuk around and drove straight to Chalong Police Station, where officers were waiting.

The officers immediately arrested the passenger, Mr Saichon Kornpho, a 37-year-old construction worker from Nong Bua Lumphu province.

Santi Nasaeng, owner of Santi Phuket Construction Company, earlier reported that Mr Saichon had prised open a door at Mr Santi's office in Kata and fled with 173,460 baht in cash.

Mr Saichon ran to the Kata Palm Beach Hotel tuk-tuk rank and agreed to pay Mr Phathaphon 500 baht to take him to the bus station – as soon as possible.

Mr Phathaphon told the Gazette at Chalong Police Station yesterday that Mr Saichon smelled heavily of alcohol when he agreed to drive him to the bus station.

Mr Saichon at first sat in the back of the tuk-tuk, but after the vehicle passed Chalong Circle and got onto Chao Fa West Road he asked to sit in front. Clearly agitated, the heavily tattooed man kept telling him he was driving too slowly, Mr Phathaphon said.

It was at this point that Mr Phathaphon received the phone call from his wife saying police suspected the man sitting next to him had just stolen almost 200,000 baht.

Mr Phathaphon started to fear Mr Saichon might pull a weapon on him.

At that moment, the phone rang again. It was a police officer, who told him to drive slowly, turn his tuk-tuk around and drive to Chalong Police Station.

Mr Phathaphon mustered his courage and did as the police asked, which led to Mr Saichon's arrest.

Mr Phathaphon said he wanted to show tuk-tuk drivers in a better light and he hoped that his actions set an example for other people.

After getting his money back, Mr Santi at 3pm yesterday presented 10,000 baht to Chalong Police Superintendent Wichit Intorrasorn in a show of thanks.

Mr Phathaphon received 2,000 baht for giving such good co-operation to the police.


-- Phuket Gazette 2010-09-08

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Sorry but the guy ain't no hero IMO

credit to him for having the balls and decency to do the right thing..good man, but hero???

The word is mis- used far too frequently nowadays and takes away from people who really are heroes.

If your called a hero for just doing the right thing, what the hel_l could you name for example, a person who with total disregard for his/her own life goes into a burning building to rescue people...that IS a hero! :jap:

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Yes the heroes are the police for taking and keeping 8,000 baht and only giving the tuk tuk driver 2,000 baht. But then again the police have more officers to share the money with.:lol:

Yes, so here the police (that is just doing their job) gets paid 10,000 baht for waiting at the police station for the tuk tuk, and the tuk tuk driver gets 2,000 for assisting the police?

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