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Just check if you are allowed to use them first. Bungsamran does not allow it. My bait boat is big and it would require a whole suitcase. The battery is a normal motorcycle battery so that is not a big problem.

Hi Robblok,

I discussed it with the guides there on Saturday and they said they had been used before down there. I will however check with Stuart when he returns from the UK. I expect to have no difficulty in getting a Bike battery next time in Krabi and job sorted.

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Reminds me of an English subtitled movie "It's my life" of one of Belgiums most famous fisherman, Eddy Sterckx.

In that 2009 movie an English narrator talks about drops of a stealth bomber hopefully leading to explosive catches: it is quite understandable that a baitliner is not accepted everywhere. In that specific movie 'dun Eddie' was only capable of catching males, not the expected thicker females. Due to all the time on my hands that remarkable detailed fact alone makes me wonder about their most likely more important local[ly trained] strategies and other habits. A fascinating world.

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