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Rice Waffle, Rice Cracker

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In a land where everything's made of rice, I still haven't found this kind of rice cracker.

I used to eat this daily because it's -tasty- (others say it has no taste) and it is convenient food.

Made of only rice (wholegrain) and sometimes a bit of salt. That's it.

I looked at Tesco, Big C, Macro, Rimping, markets... maybe someone knows how to make it (in case it is not to be found in LOS)

Happy greets from Chiang Mai,


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In China there are some factories, who make it like in Guangdong. Also some European factories make it, but.. trying to get food busienss done sicne 1994 from Thailand to Europe.. I have never saeen this product in Thailand.

When you want it, you probably have to start up yourself, so the Thaisa are able to copy it.

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am sure i seen them in a cookie shop across from the Rose Guest house in Chiang Mai which is of the walking street Sunday market and turn i think first left coming from tapar gate and their is a coffee shop on the corner where you turn left and it down that road to the next cross roads and it will be on your left hand side of the cross roads. you will see many cookies their. Rob.SK

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Americans call them Rice Cakes and they sell them in every Farang ori\ented supermarkets and have for years.

Very true. There are whole grain ones in most decent supermarkets in big cities in Thailand.

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Villa Markets in BKK certainly stock them, usually quite a few different varieties...

Relative to the OPs photos, the one's I usually see around are the thicker cake variety, not the thin cracker like variety.

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