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Being the OP I believe we have had some good input on WP & Visa's, it has been informative to me any way and now before it turns into another "teacher bashing" it would be nice to close off with a thanks for the input lets close it out.

How you request that I am not sure so hopefully someone with more knowledge about the ins & outs of the forum could arrange this.

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kenkannif did you mean you don't get or you don't need. Reason behind the question I have seen Government schools advertise and then state no WP or Visa provided (by them)

Dear applicants,


6. We are sorry to say that we don’t have any experience about visa or work permit .We cannot provide those for you if you ask for.

I have edited the correspondece to safeguard the school as I believe their intent is good but?? this flys in the face of - you must have WP & V to be legal or are they skirting the issue  by saying they cannot meaning you must do it if you want it?

This is an absolute cop out. I certainly don't believe that "their intent is good". If they want to employ a farang teacher, they should be prepared to get their collective fingers out of their various orifices and provide a work permit. Of course, the system is so ludicrously convoluted that they are just as daunted at the prospect as most farang. This is not, however, an acceptable excuse. The only redeeming factor is that at least they are being up front with the fact that they have no intention of providing a work permit or any assistance in getting one. Most places just lie, procrastinate, and make false promises.

Even though the likelihood of detection and/or punishment is fairly remote, working without a permit is still illegal. Given the xenophobia of the current administration, together with their predilection for sudden and sporadic enforcement of previously ignored laws, who knows when the situation could drastically change? Of course, it will not be the Thai school administrators who are looking at a spell in the IDC.

I really don’t understand why anyone with options would seek to work for a pittance as an illegal immigrant in a Third World country. If you wish to work as a teacher, there are plenty of other countries in the region which will allow you to do so and not expect you to work illegally.

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