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Not So Good Food

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Kd. Your 'speaking in Tongues' mate. lost me with the Tables.

Sunny D. lets put it into perspective, Its a Bar on Jetyod. I haven't eaten there myself but I certainly wouldn't expect 5 star food.

I do think you could visit every restaurant in Chiang Rai except for a few exceptions and be disapointed. So could I.

Far, far too many Variables here.

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Im sorry that my reviews of the food that I have eaten in the TWO places I have stated have not gone down well with some of you , like the food didnt go down well with me . I feel that some of you are protective of the Foreigners who own the establishments I have commented on . Sadly I am not in the friendship game , I am out to have a good meal and come what may from you all I will post my reviews if you like it or not.There are many tourists who come here and they can make their own minds up , their choice if they want to go to the places where I think the food that I have eaten wasnt so good. As for the rest of what is on the menu I cannot comment, so the chances are that there could be a good meal waiting for someone if they order .

As for 5* food,if its advertised I expect to get it , its not me making the claim that there food is that good, ut when they fail to deliver even 1* they need to know about it , as they do .

Those who comment on the decor, music, tables etc , find another forum on home furnishings and entertainment it has nothing to do with the topic of food . Im sure some of you can understand that !!

If you dont approve of my postings then dont view them , dont comment on them and go about your business somewhere else . Grrrr

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