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Here a few from my archives ....

Two from the Khao Kor monuments which are about 30 minutes northwest of Phetchabun.



Women from the village gathering to cook food for a party.


Driving back to the village one day, came over a rise in the road at about 90kph and guess what ??


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Some more photos of Khao Kor, from the top looking west, from the top looking north to the temple and inside the temple.



It was a beautiful day when I went there. The sun was out and hot, but there was a very strong wind at the mountaintop which kept things cooled off. The panoramic views from the top the history behind the monument are worth the time it takes to drive up there.

These are from the mountains about mid-point between Phetchabun and Phitsanulok, probably about 60-90 minutes drive from either city. The first picture shows some mountains from an area near Tham Pha Ta Pon. The second is the visitor's office at Dao Duean Caves area. This area contains many caves, streams, hiking areas and sacred shrines and is supposed to be extremely popular during Song Khran.


The caves and mountains are really interesting to explore. It can be hot outside, but with the cool water coming out from inside the mountains and the breeze circulating, it is almost like natural air conditioning. Sturdy, ankle high hiking boots are strongly recommended, and the rocks can be muddy and slippery and there can be little creatures slithering about.

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Kanchanaburi province; three pagodas Pass ;

as u can see they aren't pagodas but little chedis ..



January 19th 2006 , the border was open;


it's often closed and the gates are usually used for hanging up some clothes ..rolleyes.gif

example march 2010


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