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Headed To Myanmar Soon

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Yeah he's right.

It's BURMA....


re ... By the way it is Burma not Myanmar

if your right about that ? and i dont know !.... do you want to tell the man who painted this he was wrong ?

just interested ... dave2 : )

Myanmar is the Junta's name for the country.

Burma is the traditional name, and the name that The Lady (Aung San Suu Kyi) prefers.

Choose your side!

the country's name has always been MYANMA or BAMA in the local language, and only foreigners make such a lot of FUZZZZ about the name. it was translated into BURMA by the British and is a remnant of the colonial past.

MYANMAR is as well more representative of the various ethnic races and states which make up the country (Shan, Chin, Kayin ... etc) rather than being limited to the majority Bamah (or Bamar) race from which the English derived the name 'Burma'.

The locals don't care much about that, what they want is a better life, that's it !

The name of Myanmar has nothing to do with the ruling Junta.

the term 'Myanmar Naingandaw' was used since the days of the old kings.

Myanmar has, in fact been the official name since at least the time of Marco Polo's 13th century writings; the first Burmese language newspaper, published in 1868, was called Myanmar Thandawzin, translated by the British as Burma Herald.


Burma/Myanmar is definitely NOT the country where you just can "show up". it really needs some planning !

("What ? there are no ATM's here ? then we have to fly back immediately as we didn't bring any cash").

Oh, and if you never knew what a CRISP banknote means, in Burma/Myanmar you will definitely learn it. Check all bills you bring ! they must look as if they just came from the printer (particularly anything bigger than 10 Dollars). otherweise they are useless. I kept them in a sheet protector, not in my wallet, and the moneychanger in Yangon/Rangoon was very happy when he saw that.

If you need a guide in Mandalay, I know a fantastic guy who owns a 35-year old car and is a tour guide. very very reasonable rates.

He speaks an excellent English and is well educated. He seemed to know everything and everyone and even took me to his ailing Mom's home one evening. He was almost more a friend than a guide at the end of my stay there. As he is not befriended with the local Junta, and can therefore not get an official license as a tourist-guide, he is having problems to attract customers and feed his family.

But he will definitely make your stay in Mandalay and around enjoyable. If you want his number or email, send me a PM.


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