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Bangkok : Dating A Nice Lady ?

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well, well, well ....... :o I started this thread, so .........

Firstly, Thanks to those guys who could read, and come with friendly ADVICE / INFO. There are nice "good guys" here :D , who realy have good ideas/advice, but not many :D

Then we have those of you, (with 100+ of postings), who think you know everything, and always have a "not nice" kind of "comment" to everybody " who "dare" to post anything here". ( do any wonder why its usually only the same "ol guys" who's posting here ? = dont wonder anymore. U get what U make).

AM I WRONG - or is the purpose of this web page to be INFORMATIVE and HELP other foreigners who visit or live here ? ? ?

So, what's the use of "name calling" or :"you must be very desperate" and things like that ?

Or to complain on those who ask question asked before ? TRY to find a question who hasn't been asked already - try.

And why waste weeks to surf all postings here, when it takes only 3-5 minutes to write a new (old/repeated topic) ?

And, many topics get OLD, very fast, and need to be repeated ( ask for a good restaurant 6 months ago, might bee "history" today, because the restaurant might have changed owner (and menu) twice in the past six months ( do u get my point )? :D

LET ME PULL THE CAT OUT OF THE HAT: i DO live in Thailand, and have been doing so since 2000. I live here OK ? So to be called desperate or stupid, just dont fit. I have time to let "What happends - happend". I am not here on a 2-3 weeks holiday, as a sex tourist.

I speak Thai aprox 75% according to my Thai friends, so I am not exactly a "virgin" in that field either. My friends are Thai, I not see many foreigners before now, when I moved to Bangkok.

I have lived in 3 different towns in Thailand these years, and I claim that the dating scene is quit different from town to town - and thats why I posted my original post to this topic : TO GET GOOD ADVICE and FRIENDLY INFO.

I do NOT run around town, drawling, look like a maniac, desperate in search of a good girl. Neither to I exspect any "Menu" about where to find Miss Thailand, who will fall for "my extreme handsome look, my millions of dollars, nor my alter ego".

I just asked for info/advice - and got a lot of CRAP.

MODERATOR : i guess you not have time to read the postings here, before they get "Online". If you want to keep this web page informative, useful and helpful -- a lot of changes need to be done.

Suppose you not have time, get someone else to sensor postings and replies, BEFORE they get online ( keep all new postings offline until they have been sensored), so this web page can continue in a positive and helpful way.

The language some people here use, is below the belt, in many cases. Also the hostility and hormons seems to be too big, in many replies.

I have done my last posting AND reading here, because "somethings never change"

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<snip>MODERATOR : i guess you not have time to read the postings here, before they get "Online".<snip>

Actually, no, Posts here go straight up onto the board without being vetted.

I also don't like over-moderation, people have an opinion, and a right to express it, if you like it or not.

This subject has been done many times before, which it why many of the older members are tired of the topic. Maybe the search function may have stoped some of the annoyance of the topic manifesting itself into sarcasm or cynicism.

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Go to the hospital for a complete checkup, you'll meet about 50 beautifull Nurses.

Ask one out for a coffee.

It's tough, even for a Bargirl to be seen out there with a Farang. Encourage her to bring a friend or two.

Skipper you got it! Nurses are easy to speak with and usually very opened minded. I had some success without even trying. Those were the days. Better shoot off to the hospital now. :o Later! :D

Other girls in uniforms are okay as well! :D

Edited by ilyushin
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If you have truly been here for five years and speak 75% Thai, then I'd assume you'd have more than a basic understanding of thai culture, behaviours and etiquette.

However, your original post shows you don't really have a clue.

You can't really blame the respondents for thinking you're a bit of a plonker, if you've been here five years and think you can pick up girls simply by handing out business cards.

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To  expats  in  Bangkok  :

Been in Thailand some years now, but a "newbie"  here in Bangkok, so :

How to meet / get a date with a nice lady in Bangkok ?  Any advice ?    :D

They all seems  "soo  busy"  :D  :o

Do you hand out your business card, with your Tel number ?   

Do you start talking with them on BTS/MRTA ? 

Do you start talking accidentally in the Shopping Malls  ? 

Do you use Internet and Personal adds there ? 

What else ?      How did you meet your gf  ?

Good  advice appreciated    :D    but "how to meet a Bar girl"  not needed  :D

just avoid the ruts, like suk road and nana areas.

professionals are all very busy & overloaded with punters...

good gals are like a breath of fresh air..

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Evening all ,

Had to post my own reply here . Just couldnt help it ! I just happened to meet the lady of my dreams on the internet , a Thai dating site . She is amazing , its like a dream for me . I was kind of sick of the same old bull**** relationships here in the UK , and since I knew that I was going to live in Thailand , I began to " shop " just for curiosity more than anything else . Of course , I was very aware of all the stereotypical stories of Thai girls after farangs money etc , and I admit I was very sceptical for a long time . But when we met , everything was right , she was amazing , so beautiful , polite and honest in every way . She is also well educated , and has a good job . She has never asked me for a penny , and knows that I have quite a few ££££ s . She never wants a thing from me , houses in her name or anything of the sort . All she asks for and gets is my 100 % love and commitment . Her old Thai boyfriend was rich , a government officer , she had the chance to marry him and be rich , along with her family , but turned him down because he could not show her love . I think I will marry this girl . I still cant believe its true that I met my true love in this way . Hee heeee !! So I would recommend the net to anyone , obviously be careful , but with any common sense , its obvious who the suspects are . I think there a lot of genuinely

lovely ladies here that just want to be loved , same as most people in this world . Remember to be polite too , and if the chemistry matches when you meet , it could happen for you too !

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Hey guy Go ahead at www.thailandfriends.com and sing up before then introduce your self on journal  :D ... after chat on chat room and flirting wiht many girt there  :D heheheh. Can you see her profile and if you interested in her PM to her Finally the time for communication  :D The last u willl date wiht her  :D ..

  hehehe i am this member site but i deleted my profile  :o sure i have new profile but I dont looki for bf there other friendship and partical my english :D


I was a member there as well but not now because I got banned from the ######ing Modurator named Loburt hahahaha :D I am not mad but what did I do worng? I just spoke out my mind when I see who's ugly, I say they're ugly, I see who's fat, I say they are fat hahahaha

Impossible_me, do you think all are nice / good girls there? well, ok, some are good but most of them are bitch and hookers :D whore, prostitute or whatever you call.

Anyways, it's none of my business, lets get back to the ranch :D

Well, actually Goddess of Whatever, I wasn't the one who banned you. It was another ##### moderator named Zeusbheld. I banned you after you created another profile following your initial banning by Zeus. But as yet another moderator named Onlynx told you, every single moderator on that site agreed you should be banned.

Because you are a nasty piece of garbage who likes hurting other people.

No one has posted anything saying they miss you. Everyone is glad you're gone.

Bitches and hookers? What are you?

I know of at least two married guys on that site you have been screwing. In both cases you know the guys are married and that they and their wives are having difficulties and the wives are trying to make their marriages work.

And yet you go over there while the wives are out working and screw the guys in their wives beds.

I think that qualifies you as a bitch and a whore.

And even the few hookers that actually are on TF have more class than you.

I hope one day you get a taste of your own medicine.

Edited by loburt
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