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Bangkok : Dating A Nice Lady ?

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Hey guy Go ahead at www.thailandfriends.com and sing up before then introduce your self on journal  :D ... after chat on chat room and flirting wiht many girt there  :D heheheh. Can you see her profile and if you interested in her PM to her Finally the time for communication  :D The last u willl date wiht her  :D ..

  hehehe i am this member site but i deleted my profile  :o sure i have new profile but I dont looki for bf there other friendship and partical my english :D


I was a member there as well but not now because I got banned from the ######ing Modurator named Loburt hahahaha :D I am not mad but what did I do worng? I just spoke out my mind when I see who's ugly, I say they're ugly, I see who's fat, I say they are fat hahahaha

Impossible_me, do you think all are nice / good girls there? well, ok, some are good but most of them are bitch and hookers :D whore, prostitute or whatever you call.

Anyways, it's none of my business, lets get back to the ranch :D

Well, actually Goddess of Whatever, I wasn't the one who banned you. It was another ##### moderator named Zeusbheld. I banned you after you created another profile following your initial banning by Zeus. But as yet another moderator named Onlynx told you, every single moderator on that site agreed you should be banned.

Because you are a nasty piece of garbage who likes hurting other people.

No one has posted anything saying they miss you. Everyone is glad you're gone.

Bitches and hookers? What are you?

I know of at least two married guys on that site you have been screwing. In both cases you know the guys are married and that they and their wives are having difficulties and the wives are trying to make their marriages work.

And yet you go over there while the wives are out working and screw the guys in their wives beds.

I think that qualifies you as a bitch and a whore.

And even the few hookers that actually are on TF have more class than you.

I hope one day you get a taste of your own medicine.

Edited by loburt

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