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Australian Murdered In Petchabun

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Going back many years I can remember when the first Indian immigrants arrived in England.

At first the very few that lived mostly in the big cities including London were mainly Indian restaurant owners and workers and was considered somewhat of a novelty and the native white population tolerated them and treated these people with respect.

Then during the 1970s the British government relaxed it`s policies on Immigration and suddenly brown people from all over South Asia and many from Uganda began immigrating to England in droves.

Then everything changed, the unions called for strikes fearing the loss of jobs to Asians and there was frequent and violent attacks on Asians including actual riots in many parts of the country.

My point is that I don`t believe the permitting of too many people of a different race and culture into a country is a good thing. It has been proven that multiculturalism doesn't work and will lead to conflicts.

During my time here in Thailand I am seeing more and more farangs even in the most remote areas and as I see the situation, this can only cause problems for the farangs already living here, the same as what happened in the United Kingdom 40 years ago.

Amazingly ignorant posting. Not the slightest smidgen of self-awareness here! Here is an immigrant (I assume) to Thailand telling us all how bad immigration can be for the host country. Certainly your posting "proves" that English education "doesn't work" and will lead to a weird form of cultural blindness.

There's none so blind as those who cannot see.

"It has been proven"?????

The fact is that Thailand is a mishmash of different races, Thai, Lao, Mon, Chinese, Indian and Malay, all of which have been very successfully integrated with the notable exception of the Malay muslims in the South.

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If you really observe your surroundings,we arn't really liked here,we are tollerated , don't bite the hand that feeds you, it may sound hard, but it is so sad that Thailands dislike for farangs is a growing trend,i know this opens a large can of worms,but observe,,back to the point, there, are dickheads all over the world,shooting inocent bystanders, RIP mate.


I have tried to explain this word in this forum but someone (I think with the name Chonburi) deleted it from the forum. It is history – Thai history that is – and there are always people that object to history that is not glorifying. Oh well, such is the life of a Researcher Without Borders. (RWB)

Please don't start another thread on this again, your upset " Jingthing " he has already explained it full please do a search.:whistling:

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multiculturalism doesn't work

I see one person giving as prove that it works in Thailand by naming the different races making up the Thai nation, all races named all are of the Asian stock, and even then I find friction between them.

One in the forum talks about California and says it is 51% ethnic, maybe so were the writer is from. My experience with CA is different.

I stay to myself, and do not get myself involved in other races’ personal life, and do not play stinky finger with their women.

My years of experience working with foreign races, when they loaded up with alcohol the animosity surfaces which often turns into fighting.

Ever read the book Lady of Isan the guy was convinced the woman’s father loved him, till one day at a party the girl's father got plastered with Mekong and told he Isan party guest he was going to kill the farang.

The book has a lot of good info for all who are convinced they know and understand the Thai people. Andrew Hicks also did write a couple books about the subject.

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Can this be moved to the Central Thailand forum as it's a local issue that should be of interest to expats in that area.

Hmmm, a expat shooting another expat over a thai wife or G/F is a LOCAL issue?:D

Please, explain...:blink: I must be really dense...

Correction to your post...................It was a Thai guy that shot the Australian not another expat.

Seeing as Phetchabun is located in Central Thailand it makes sence to move the post to the Central Thailand forum of Thai visa as expats that log into that forum from Phetchabun and the surrounding area might have known the poor guy and have some decent input.

Local knowledge can be worth it's weight in gold more so when the media is instructed to sweep it under the carpet.

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Still nothing in the Australian media and I checked all the obituaries for the last ten days in every state of Australia no mention of the guy. Could he be Austrian and not Australian?

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A very minor point in such a tragic event, but some say that Phetchabun is a northern province, well Thai Meteorological Department and Wikipedia being two!.

Decide for yourselves.


Her indoors is from phetchabun and insists that Phetchabun is in Central Thailand so who am i to argue.

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Petchabun is indeed in Northern Thailand, Northern Thailand starts fairly close to (but 200m north of) Bangkok.

My 'her indoors' also comes from Petchabun and insists she is Northern Thai.

Petchabun is the strip next to Isaan and above Central.


And as the previous posters seem to be getting all heated up about multiculturalism, can I point out that many are confusing this with race and skin colour.

People can be the same culture but different races and skin colours.

Cultural integration is the best way forward for many countries, it does create peace and harmony.

Multiculturalism always creates conflicts in the community.

The Thai government has always been forcing integration on it's assorted peoples, hence the teaching of one language of central Thai in the schools.

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Petchabun, the Switzerland of Thailand - seems like it also houses mountain men of dubious prejudices although this has to be an isolated case especially if the man was drug affected. Look at the number of 'killings' across US, UK, Australia related to race. I think one here and there is Thailand is pretty much expected in places like Pattaya, Phuket and the normal sleazy areas but not in Petchabun. Sad nonetheless.

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Can this be moved to the Central Thailand forum as it's a local issue that should be of interest to expats in that area.

If this story is true, and I am not for one minute suggesting that it isn't - why hasn't anyone succeeded in finding any English language press reporting the details? Surely the Nation and B Post would have covered this story as well as Aussie press?

If someone can find a relevant press clipping, then this story properly belongs in the 'Thailand News' forum where it will get the widest possible coverage and we can follow developments in the police case.

Failing that, I can't for the life of me understand why it was removed from the general forum. Surely most TV members who read the Central Thailand forum will also read the general forum, and not the other way round?

This is a tragedy that is of interest to every farang in Thailand, regardless of where they live, and it should not be moved to a 'minority' forum where the readership is commensurately low.

And finally, once again - why isn't there any press on this? Do I smell a rat?

Thais shooting innocent farangs isnt good for business. So better not to report it ( Bangkok Post or Nation ) or bury it if news does leak out (Thaivisa)

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thank goodness these are the exceptions and not the rule

if it bleeds, it leads

why do i even bother reading these

morbid fascination

human nature

maybe to avoid making the same mistakes

Unfortunately these exceptions continue to occur... The basic of the story is "he didn't like farangs", and that is something heard more and more. It's getting frightening here... :(:(:(

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A request to the Mods: Is it possible to open a separate thread for discussion and speculation thread on the case (in General topics or maybe even Farang Pub) to allow this thread to emphasize on facts and condolence. There are many points around the story that may be worth discussing, but are not helpful to friends, neighbors and family.


Some speculations:

I think this is definately a hoax topic and never happened or he was Austrian and not an Aussie. Austrian and Australian would sound the same to a thai

Police (see below) gives his name as นายโรนัลด์ เวย์น มาร์ติน (Mr. Ronald Wayne Martin?), which is an unlikely (though not impossible) name for an Austrian.

Some facts:

On their forum, Bueng Samphan Police has published a pictorial report on the apprehension of the suspect. I will not add a direct link to protect people with a weak stomach (esp. friends and family) from unwittingly seeing a particular image that explicitly depicts the head-wound. If you are curious and not faint of heart, you can go to bungsamphan phetchabun police go th and look for a message published on 06 ม.ค. 2554 (Jan, 6th 2011) with the topic แถลงข่าว... (in a few weeks from now you will have to click อ่านข่าวทั้งหมด first). In the message there is a link to the more detailed report (which contains said horrifying image).

Here's google translate rendering of the text (no images). Some passages are badly translated, but the overall picture should be correct. I underlined some dubious translations and added remarks in {braces}.

เมื่อวันที่ 6 มกราคม 2554 พล.ต.ต.ทวีชัย วิริยะโกศล รอง ผบช.ภ.6 พล.ต.ต.ชวลิต ชาญเวชช์ ผบก.ภ.จว.เพชรบูรณ์ พ.ต.อ.ปริญญา วิศิษฐฎากุล รอง ผบก.ภ.จว.เพชรบูรณ์ พ.ต.อ.สมพร ทองรอด ผกก.สภ.บึงสามพัน On January 6, 2554 Pol.Maj.Gen Thaweechai persistence Kosol Vice ผbc.p. 6 Pol.Maj.Gen Chavalit Expert patch ผbu.p.hy. Phetchabun police colonel degree Wisit ฐ Asada Kun, vice ผbu.p.hy. Phetchabun police colonel survived Somporn gold ผuu.sp. Bung Samphan. ได้จัดแถลงข่าวการจับกุม ผู้ต้องหาคดีฆ่านายโรนัลด์ เวย์น มาร์ติน ชาวออสเตรเลีย Organized a press conference the arrest of the accused case kill Ronald Wayne Martin, Australian คดีนี้สื่อมวลชนและประชาชนให้ความสนใจเป็นพิเศษเนื่องจาก ผู้ตายเป็นชาวต่างประเทศ This case the media and public interest especially since the death of a foreigner.

เมื่อวันที่ 4 มกราคม 2554 เวลาประมาณ 19.00 น. นายโรนัลด์ เวย์น มาร์ติน อายุ 59 ปี ชาวออสเตรเลีย On January 4, 2554 at approximately 19:00 pm Mr. Ronald Wayne Martin, age 59, Australian และเป็นสามีของผู้กล่าวหาในคดีนี้และพักอาศัยอยู่ที่บ้าน ที่เกิดเหตุ And is the husband of the accused {accusant} in this case and is staying at home {living} at the scene. ได้ขับขี่รถยนต์กระบะ Was driving pickup ยี่ห้อโตโยต้า Toyota brand. หมายเลขทะเบียน xx-xxxx เพชรบูรณ์ กลับจากทำธุระที่ตลาดในหมู่บ้าน Registration number xx-xxxx Phetchabun back from doing business in the village market. เมื่อขับขี่รถยนต์กลับถึงบริเวณหน้าบ้านพัก When driving back to the home page. ได้มีคนร้ายที่ซุ่มอยู่บริเวณหน้าบ้านใช้อาวุธปืนลูกซอง ยิงนายโรนัลด์ เวย์น มาร์ติน จำนวน 1 นัด The ambush was the villain in front of the house, armed shotgun shooting, Mr. Ronald Wayne Martin, of an appointment {one bullet round}

ระสุนปืนถูกที่บริเวณ ศีรษะด้านขวา จำนวน 1 แห่ง ได้รับบาดเจ็บล้มลงอยู่ที่พื้นดินข้างประตูรถยนต์ด้านขวา Cartridge is at the head of the right of an injured falling on the ground beside the car door on the right. และคนร้ายได้หลบหนีไป And criminals fled. ญาติได้ช่วยเหลือนำตัวนายโรนัลด์ เวย์น มาร์ติน ส่งโรงพยาบาลบึงสามพัน Relatives helped bring Mr. Ronald Wayne Martin, the hospital Bung Samphan. ปรากฏว่านายโรนัลด์ เวย์นมาร์ติน ได้ถึงแก่ความตาย Appears {revealed} that Mr. Ronald Wayne Martin, has died

เมื่อได้รับแจ้งเหตุ เจ้าหน้าที่ตำรวจ นำโดย พ.ต.อ.สมพร ทองรอด ผกก.ฯ พ.ต.ท.ไพฑูรย์ สังข์ทอง รอง ผกก.สส.ฯ พ.ต.ท.ภูเบศ แสงอร่าม รอง ผกก.ป.ฯ พ.ต.ท.ศุภณัฏฐ์ นามนรเศรษฐ์ พงส.ฯจึงรีบไปที่เกิดเหตุ Upon notification by the police to police colonel survived Somporn Gold's chief Col Paitoon Sangthong Vice ผuu.ss. Col. Pooebs light illuminated the secondary ผuu.p. Col Supachai's name Nat Nrnesrษฐt Poongs.'s so hurried to the scene

จากการสืบสวนสอบสวนใน เบื้องต้น From the initial investigation. มีพยานหลักฐานยืนยันว่า Have evidence to confirm that ก่อนเกิดเหตุได้พบเห็นนายวิเชษฐ์ ภู่กำจัด ผู้ต้องหาเดินวนเวียนอยู่บริเวณถนนหน้าบ้านที่เกิดเหตุ Before the accident had seen Mr Poo Chet eliminate {probably gamchat -'eliminate' is part of his name, Mr. Wichet Poogamchat?} suspects in the vicious street walking home at the scene. และหลังเกิดเหตุได้หลบหนีออกจากหมู่บ้านไป After the accident and fled from the village.

วันที่ 5 ม.ค.ฯพ.ต.อ.ปริญญา วิศิษฐฎากุล รอง ผบก.ภ.จว.เพชรบูรณ์ Day 5 Am.c.ฯpo.e.o. degree Wisit ฐ Asada Kun, vice ผbu.p.hy. Phetchabun ร่วมกับเจ้าหน้าที่ วิทยาการและพนักงานสอบสวนได้ร่วมกันตรวจที่เกิดเหตุ Science staff and officers with the joint examination of the incident. และสึบสวนสอบสวนจนเชื่อได้ ว่านายวิเชษฐ์ฯน่าจะเป็นคนร้ายในคดีนี้ Fujitsu and home and garden {???} questioned believed that Mr Chet seems to be the villain in this case.

เจ้าหน้าที่ตำรวจสภ.บึงสาม พัน Police a pharmacist. Bung Samphan. จึงได้เดินทางติดตามไปที่ บ้านเลขที่ 1/39 หมู่ที่1 ต.คูคด อ.ลำลูกกา จว.ปทุมธานี ซึ่งเป็นที่นายวิเชษฐ์ฯอาศัยอยู่ในปัจจุบันกับมารดา Has traveled to the home track No. 1 / 39 Moo 1, Tambon Khu Khot, Amphur Lam Luk Ka Hy. Pathum Thani, which is Mr Chet has lived with the mother present. พบนายวิเชษฐ์ฯอยู่บ้านและได้ตรวจพบอาวุธปืนลูกซองพกสั้น ขนาด 12 พร้อมปลอกกระสุน 1 ปลอก กระสุนขนาดเดียวกันอีก 1นัด Found Mr Chet's home and found weapons, a shotgun with a 12 carry a short-sleeve shelling a shot the other one the same size shots.

นายวิเชษฐ์ฯรับว่าเป็นผู้ ใช้อาวุธดังกล่าวยิงผู้ตาย Mr Chet has been the use of weapons such as shot dead สาเหตุเนื่องมาจากไม่ชอบชาวฝรั่ง(คนต่างชาติ) เป็นเหตุผลส่วนตัว Caused due to people not like foreigners (foreigners) to personal reasons. จึงได้นำตัวนายวิเชษฐ์ฯมาที่ สภ.บึงสามพัน เพื่อสอบสวนเพิ่มเติม Has taken Mr Chet at the Police Station. Bung Samphan for further investigation

วันที่ 6 ม.ค.2554พนักงานสอบสวนได้นำตัวผู้ต้องหาไปนำชี้ที่เกิดเหตุประกอบการรับ สารภาพ On 6 January 2554 officers have taken to bring the accused to the crime scene point of confession.

นายวิเชษฐ์ฯนำชี้ที่เกิด เหตุและเส้นทางหลบหนี Mr Chet's the point of the incident and escape routes. {this is the caption of image taken during re-enactment}

.....ในการจับกุมตัวนาย วิเชษฐ์ ภู่กำจัด ผู้ต้องหาในครั้งนี้ ...... To arrest Mr Chet Phu eliminate {s.a.} this suspect. เจ้าหน้าที่ตำรวจทุกนายได้ทุ่มเทและตั้งใจปฏิบัติหน้าที่ จนสามารถสืบสวนสอบสวน Police said the dedication and commitment to duty until the investigation. ติดตามจับกุมผู้ต้องหาได้ด้วยความรวดเร็ว Track with the quick arrest of the accused. โดยได้ทำการจับกุมตัวผู้ต้องหาได้ภายในเวลา 24 ชม. หลังจากรับแจ้งเหตุ We have an arrested suspect within 24 hours after notification.

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The story seems a bit strange because the press reports say the killer didn't know either the victim or his wife, but yet witnesses say he was was waiting outside their house for some time and shot him with a single shot to the head when the couple returned at 7pm from the market in their pick-up truck.

The photo of the crime scene outside the couple's house on the bungsamphan police website shows a dark road with no street lighting, with the killer reported as firing a single fatal shot the moment the victim got out of his car.

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