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fcken sheep rooters allways plagerising joke putting Aussie in as the topic.

said b4 most balanced race of people in the world the "south pacific poms" have chups on both shoulders.

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I no this bloke and he is just pissed with us aussies because they wouldn,t give him australain resedence due to the fact he is only 4 foot 9 and we didn,t want to f### up the good australian blood lines with pigme sheep so he moved to thailand instead in the hope that people will stop asking him if he has lost his mum. Hey mark guess WHO


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You heard the one about the Pom and the Aussie going int Big C to buy some jocks.

The Aussie counts out 7 pairs, the Pom asks "why 7?". "One for each day of the week" he replies.

The Pom counts out 12, the Aussie is baffled and asks "why 12?"

"january, february.................... :o

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