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Foreign Pimp Arrested At Aranyaprathet Border

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Pimp in custody

ARANYAPRATHET: Police yesterday arrested a Japanese man wanted in his country on charges of smuggling women from Thailand and other nations into Japan and forcing them to work as prostitutes there.

Masayuki Kanegae, 47, was stopped by Thai immigration officers while crossing into Cambodia at the Aranyaprathet checkpoint.

The Japanese Embassy told police that Kanegae had been long sought under a Japanese arrest warrant for having allegedly smuggled women into Japan and forced them to work as prostitutes.

--The Nation 2003-12-13

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Bloody good job!

An ex-girl-friend of mine had signed up to work as a textile worker in Taiwan - but when she got there was attacked, raped and forced ito prostitution for two years, until a gentleman-punter (Taiwanese) helped her escape to the Thai embassy (or mission, or whatever). She had horrific tales to tell, but in the three years that I knew her, only 3 or 4 times did she ever talk about it.

Voluntary, or almost-so, sex-work is not so bad - usually it supports a whole family, but being locked in a room for two years and having to take on all-comers is revolting.

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