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Jordan's Islamic Action Front calls on the government to resign

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Jordan's Islamic Action Front calls on the government to resign

2011-01-18 23:26:32 GMT+7 (ICT)

AMMAN (BNO NEWS) - Jordan's Islamic Action Front on Tuesday called for the dismissal of the government after exposing evidence of a rigged Parliamentary election, Ammon News reported.

Secretary General of the Islamic Action Front (IAF) political party, Hamzeh Mansour, said the parliament should be dissolved after exposing documents that allegedly prove that rigging activities smeared the parliamentary elections held in November last year.

Documents showed that 70,000 voters in the capital Amman voted more than once, and that one person cast over 20 ballots using the same identification card, Mansour revealed at a press conference.

The secretary called on Prime Minister Samir Rifai's government to resign and form a temporary national government, while national elections take place.

Jordanians criticized this weekend the parliament for granting the government a record 111 vote-of-confidence out of a total 119 votes last December during mass protests. Thousands of people gathered throughout the country to protest against price hikes, excessive taxation, unemployment, and difficult economic conditions.


-- © BNO News All rights reserved 2011-01-18

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