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What Job Can I Get

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Hi, i been on thaivisa a while, but im new to teaching. Im just looking what people can tell me is out there. Briefly i am for the UK, got a BA Geography and then went on to complete my PGCE, now i am a qualified teacher in the uk at secondary level. What sort of jobs teaching could i get in thailand? what sort of wage p/m would i be looking at? where is it best to look for jobs (any websites)?

I know this question has probably been asked a fair few times, but if someone could take the time to help me out id be very grateful as although i know thailand well, i am not so clued up about the side of teaching there.


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Are you currently in Thailand or are you in the UK?

You should have no trouble getting work. You should also be eligible for a Teacher's License. I'll let others address the salary issue, but if you can get a job at an international school, you will be earning quite a lot.

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thank you scott for that advice, ill look into the teaching license.

Spoon man i did a typo im sorry, the highlighted line is supposed to state that im from the UK.

I am currently in the UK, was aiming for june time. I know the main teacher drive is around easter

but i guess jobs do appear all the time.

Like i said any information helps, as i have not researched this topic.

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Let's stay away from the grammar, spelling criticism. It's an internet forum.

If you are in the UK, then you can check on international teaching job fairs. On the opening page of this forum, there are some pinned topics at the top which cover things like the Teacher's License (TL). Check them out and feel free to post any questions you may have here.

June is a pretty active month for recruitment. There are positions still to be filled and there is a fair amount of activity in the job market. March, April and May are the most active, but there is work to be found in June as well.

Best of luck and keep us posted.

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Two posts have been deleted. Check the posting guidelines of the teaching sub-forum unless you want to get a suspension of posting ability.

11. Posters who are suspected of baiting the other members through behaviors such as:

c. Commenting off-topic in a manner which derails threads, especially in ways which go off-topic or break other forum guidelines

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thank u very much for the advice scott. u been really helpful. i will look into the TL and opening page of website. I will keep u posted, if u think of anything else i might find useful then feel free to post here or pm. i will keep and eye on the thread.

once again thank you

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Have you completed your NQT year?

The good Brit Internationals generally ask for 2+ years of experience.

Most of the Brit schools follow the Brit academic calendar....i.e new year starts in September (generally)

If applying for a position from within the UK then look up Job Fairs or go to the TES website. Start looking now as well.

If you apply and are within Thailand then you will not get the same benefits package as ex-pats. (They usually get free housing, utilities, flights home etc etc.

Good luck in any event.......jobs at these schools in Thailand are highly sought after.

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