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The circus came to town and after the trapeze artists, clowns,acrobats and the lions and tigers had been on it was the turn of the elephant.

The trainer made a big thing of how the elephant would only respond to his commands and his alone and if anyone could make the elephant do something he would give them £100.

So this punter comes down from the audience and said he could make the elephant sit down.The trainer said he doubted but go ahead anyway.

The punter took a short run and kicked the elephant in the nuts and with a whoosh the elephant sat down.

The trainer was not at all happy but not as unhappy as the elephant, as he reluctantly handed over the cash.

Time goes by and ten years later same circus, same elephant, same act but with inflation the ante has been upped to £500

Trainer again says about the elephant only acting on his commands but the same punter gets down into the ring and says he will make the elephant nod his head,shake his head and then sit down.

He promised the trainer he would not hurt the elephant.

He whispered in the elephant's ear for a minute or so and the the elephant nodded his head ,shook his head and sat down.

The trainer was amazed and as he handed the money over he asked the punter waht he had said to the elephant.

The punter told him he had said to the elephant,doyou remember me and the elephant nodded his head.

He also said do you want another kick in the nuts? the elephant shook his head.

Well you had better sit down then.

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