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The G.F. (general foreman) on a big construction site in London was getting fed up with the labour not having an I.Q. higher than their shoe size.

One day he decided to do something about it and started testing all new job applicants.

Paddy walks in and the GF says I am going to ask you some questions,"no problem" Paddy says

Paddy, what's brown made of leather and has four fingers and a thumb?

Paddy looked at him as though the question was posed in Swahili as he wrestled with this problem for a minute or so he finally gave up and said "you have me there".

Thre G.F. said a glove, of course Paddy says silly me.

Second question, Paddy what's brown made of leather has eight fingers and two thumbs?

Paddy says bejasus thats twice as hard, so after looking to the heavens and saying its not a trick question is it? Finally gives up.

The G.F. says two gloves again Paddy says well I never but the answer was on the tip of my tongue.

By now the G.F. is a bit desperate so he says to Paddy last question.

Paddy who's the Queen on England?

Paddy says I know that one

Three gloves.

The reason Paddy was unemployed is that when he worked in a fish and chip shop a customer came in one evening and said fish and chips, twice.

Paddy says O.K.O.K. I heard you the first time

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