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Flood About To Strike Again

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Ampur BangRagam (บางระกำ) in Phitsanulok province is preparing to provide aid to residents if floodwater from the Yhom (ยม) River arrives within the week. At the moment, floodwater is affecting some areas of BangRagam.

Water from the Yhom River has overflowed its banks and is affecting agriculture and residential areas in many tambons in Ampur BangRagam, Phitsanulok province. A total of two thousand five hundred and twenty hectares of land have been affected so far, although little damage has been caused, due to early collection of crops by agriculturists. More than one hundred and sixteen families in nine villages have been affected by the floodwaters.

Eighteen roads have been flooded, but can still accommodate travel. Phitsanulok administrators expect that within one week, floodwater from the Yhom River will reach Ampur BangRagam, and will add to water levels. Mr. Noparat ThangKittithaworn (นพรัตน์ ตั้งกิตติถาวร), the Sheriff of BangRagam has stated that preparations are being conducted, and that an aid centre has been set up in the Bangragam municipality, with boats and equipment ready to assist residents when the floodwater arrives. Twenty-four hour assistance can be accessed at 05-537-1241.

Source: thaisnews.com ประจำวันพฤหัสบดีที่ 15 กันยายน 2548

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