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Internet And Tv Services In Buri Ram

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I live in a small village near Lam Plai Mat, about 35 kms from Buri Ram. About 9 months ago I installed a satellite dish and internet service from CSLoxinfo in Buri Ram. The service is pretty good and reasonably fast and I am quite happy with that aspect of my purchase.

The cost appears to be very high-Bt3,200 per month.

I am an Humanitarian Aid worker in Aceh and only get home for a couple of weeks every 3 months so I normally ask them to disconnect when i go away and reconnect when i come home. This time they did not do that and i have a bill for Bt9,600 to pay for the time that I was away and the service was not used.

Can anyone recommend a reliable and cheaper alternative please.

Also who is the best company to deal with for satellite TV. I have spent a lot of money installing a system that does not give me any movie channels and the sport is in Chinese so I am restricted to watching BBC and ABC Asia Pacific- both good channels but want to watch some sport etc.



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