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Railway Park Chatuchak Area

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Can anyone shed any light on where it is. I need to be there at 7 in the morning. Is it possible to walk to it from Mo Chit BTS.

Thank you in advance


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Don't know if this helps?


The State Railway of Thailand donated this land to build a park according to the wish of

HM the King on the occasion of his 4th Cycle birthday in 1976.

Inside the park are many varieties of trees and plants in gardens with different themes There

is a herbal garden, for instance, and another devoted to flowers in literature

Chatuchak Market. A heaven for shoppers, espeoaily if they are ready to bargain The plant

market is held every Wednesday and Thursday, while at the weekend it becomes the biggest

market in Thailand, bringing together 8,000 stalls from all parts of the country.

A look at the plan of the market shows that it is divided into 26 areas. The kinds of

productsto be found include antiques, books and magazmes, fashions, food, furniture, handicrafts,

jewellery, paintings, pets, plants, and miscellaneous items.

Six Asean Sculptors: This exhibition shows the work of artists from the six countries of the

Asean region: Brunei, Indonesia, Malaysia, The Philippines, Singapore and Thailand.

Prestigious Train Hall: Located near Gate 2, this is the place to study history and view

displays of past forms of transport, from London taxis to Japanese patrol cars used during World

War II.

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Have walked from Mo Chit to Chatachuck market about half a mile, never been to railway park, but will do next time in BKK.

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Picked up these descripts from the Internet:

On the north side of town, near the Chatuchak weekend market and the Morchit Skytrain station are two more large parks. The newer of the two, Rot Fai Park was a public golf course until the late 1990s. After a long and vehement standoff by golf caddies (who practically held the land hostage to protest the loss of their jobs), the golf course was closed, re-landscaped and opened as a park. It still retains a definite golf course look; remnants of wide green fairways run between clusters of tall trees, but now instead of tee shots careening down the middle, the fairways are home to picnickers and kite flyers. Located virtually next door is Chatuchak Park, also a favorite picnic and sports spot.

If you are traveling north on Phahonyothin Road, Kamphaeng Phet 3 Road is the road that runs along the northern edge of Chatuchak Market. It is the road that separates Chatuchak Park from the State Railway Public Park (Rot Fai Park).

If you go into Chatuchak Park (which is adjacent to Mor Chit BTS station) and ask the guards in the park where Rot Fai Park is I am sure (?!!) they can point you in the right direction.

Rot Fai Park is fairly big area.

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According to MapMagic, the Chatachuk or Paholyothin MRT Subway stations might be closer than the Mo Chit BTS station, although the park looks really large.

I tried attaching a snapshot of the area, not sure how it will work out?


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