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Gidday Genghis61 - Will be back in Sa Kaeo 29th March - 24th April.. Looked up the map - Wang Somboon not that far from where I live.. I live in the sticks , Klong Nang Am (Its spelt about 10 different ways, even the road signs dont agree with each other) is about 30ks west of Sakaeo town + about 25ks from Khao Chakan, just to give you some idea.. I'm going to buy a middle size rice mill this trip, or at least that's the plan at the moment.. Wife rang up a couple of nights ago, a little tipsy , the topic of conversation in the middle of alcoholic pauses , was that she wanted to move back to Australia.. Phone call next day - was to say "I've just bought a cow,a baby cow".

I said "Why" She (Sober this time) said,"They were going to kill it and eat it, and it's too young" I -"Its going to be eaten somtime" She -"I want it to grow up first".. ANYBODY! out there , you've got a ready market for your baby cows - just pull up at our front gate and threaten to kill whatever you want to sell!!!!

If you want to give any details mobile no. ect My email is << Use PM >>

Gidday Sakaeopete

try and look you up next time in Aran.I like the look of your house,printed out photos of your house and street.I should be able to find you if thats OK? Even if your not home , my wife and your wife can swap stories about Bad Man Farang... By the way , A Canadian has moved up from Pattya, and built a new house about 2kms from our house. I will have a first formal visit to his house as sonn as I get back..

Gdday tutswarrior,

Same same, hang out in Big C every few days and put the kids in the playpen and enjoy an aircon break.. In the village I live like a Thai,sleep on the floor under a big mossie net, with the fan blasting away. The animals wake me up early and I crash in the hammock a couple of times a day... Nearly came your way a few years back - I wanted to go to the Air Lauda crash site,a few months after it happened.. Alas my wife refused to go and I was reluctant to muck around in the Thai jungle without her interpreting in those days.( 1991 ) - Dunno what the fascination is , but maybe I've watched too many episodes of Air Crash Investigation... Anyway , good to hear from the outher side of the great divide ...

All the best you guys - Trevor

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hi i have and house whit my girl in khao chakan same as you, near there. and i am going there in 2-3 weeks. you still home? whold be nice to say hello.

Good to hear there's new blood in the area,,, Arrive back in Sa Kaeo Late January for a month or so... Wife is now in the frog + duck business... She also grows chilli, peanuts, cucumber, chinese veg + sugarcane... One day I hope and pray, she'll ring me up and say,"Darling, no need to send money anymore, I'm making heaps"..... Alas we all have our own Dreamtime..... When in Thailand , I'm in Khao Chakan every second day.... Keep in touch we might meet !!!

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post-32989-0-61780800-1290127748_thumb.jHello Richard: I live in Sa Kaeo I built my home here back in 1997. My Thai wife and I moved here from Calafornia.

We live 23 km East from Sa Kaeo just off of Hwy 33 (post-32989-0-36513000-1290127640_thumb.jthe road to Bkk)

write me or PM me for a meet

Hello,, I'm Trevor from Aussieland. Love to have a look at your abode.. As above, my wife now has moved back to Sa Kaeo... We live 23 kms west of Sa kaeo towm in a thai house in Klong Nang am... Want to know more about us - have a look at topic "Coming long time to Sa Kaeo"

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