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Japan: Tsunami kills at least 10 people in Iwate -Kyodo: /RT @felix85:

suffice to say that like the 2004 event here - initial death reports should be taken with a grain of salt - sadly.

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Is the Thai Gulf safe? On the map it looks like it could be hit almost directly. I'm not saying it could still cause damage but it's relatively close compared to many other countries that are already on the warning list.

no way............Thai Gulf won't get this Tsunami ..

And the basis for this statement...?

Sulawesi is on the warning list, 4000 km from the location, expecting 60 cm to 1 meter of water. The southern part of the Gulf is 4500 km from the epicenter. I don't really want to rely on the local Thai authorities when it comes to events like this. I calculated that the first wave might arrive between 10 and 11 tonight.

Look at the map and try to make sense dude............... how 'bout taking a good swim tonite?

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Here's a good link to NHK TV English broadcast...


And actually, here's the direct link to NHK's feed...


And here's the link for NHK World service..with their video feeds live in various speeds and podcasts and various news...


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The only upside is The Japanese have excellent emergency services but I fear for less developed pacific rim countries that could be affected yet by this. My thoughts are with them all.

Yes but................................ This is overwhelming for any country, and it only took minutes :o , look at Katrina and it took hours with plenty of notice :( !! My heart goes out, I'm having trouble doing anything but watching and thinking how lucky not to be there and the helpless terror involved... I'm going to go hug my boys :( ...

Yes you are right about that. It is a big problem for anyone to know where to start and accessing the most needy is made all the more difficult by the water,mud broken infrastructure etc. Well it's a shame it always takes this kind of thing for us to remember we are all brothers and sisters in humanity,
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