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Meltdown Likely Under Way At Japan Nuclear Reactor

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Meltdown Likely Under Way At Japan Nuclear Reactor

TOKYO (AP) — Japan's top government spokesman says a partial meltdown is likely under way at second reactor affected by Friday's massive earthquake.

Chief Cabinet Secretary Yukio Edano said Sunday that radiation at the nuclear power plant in Fukushima briefly rose above legal limits, but it has since declined significantly.

Three reactors at the plant lost their cooling functions in the aftermath of quake and tsunami because of a power outage.

Some 170,000 people have been ordered to evacuate the area within 12 miles (20 kilometers) of the plant.

The plant is 170 miles (270 kilometers) north of Tokyo.

-- AP 2011-03-13

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Wind direction monitored near quake-hit Japan nuclear plant

TOKYO | Sat Mar 12, 2011 10:37pm EST

(Reuters) - The wind over a Japanese nuclear plant that is leaking radiation will continue blowing from the south, which could affect residents north of the facility, an official at Japan's Meteorological Agency said on Sunday.

The Fukushima Daiichi plant, operated by Tokyo Electric Power Co's, is located about 240 km (150 miles) north of Tokyo on the country's northeast coast.

The wind will keep blowing from the south in the area from noon until early evening, the official said.

The direction of the wind is a key factor in judging possible damage to the environment from the radiation leaking from the plant, which was devastated on Friday by Japan's biggest earthquake on record and a subsequent tsunami.

The Japan Meteorological Agency said on its website that the weather in the area is likely to be clear on Sunday, with the maximum temperature of 15 Celsius (60 F).

The plant was damaged by Friday's 8.9 magnitude quake, which sent a 10-meter (33-foot) tsunami ripping through towns and cities across the northeast coast.

Tokyo Electric Power Co (TEPCO) said earlier on Sunday that radiation levels have risen above the safety limit around its nuclear plant and the company has informed the government of an "emergency situation", Kyodo agency reported.

It did not pose an immediate threat to human health, the company said.

-- Reuters 2011-03-13

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Japan Tries Using Seawater to Cool Damaged Reactor


TOKYO—Japanese officials continued their battle to control dangerous reactor overheating in the nation's worst nuclear accident that followed Friday's earthquake, as they resorted to an unprecedented attempt to cool the reactor with seawater.


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This has been mentioned in the other thread (now reserved for general EQ stuff) But it deserves mention here too... the Fukushima plant was built and designed to withstand up to a 7.9 mag quake, not the 8.9 (or whatever number they finally settle on) that actually occurred.

Excerpted from the above WSJ link article..

Separately, company documents show that Tokyo Electric tested the Fukushima plant to withstand a maximum seismic jolt lower than Friday's 8.9 earthquake. Tepco's last safety test of nuclear power plant Number 1—one that is currently in danger of meltdown—was done at a seismic magnitude the company considered the highest possible, but in fact turned out to be lower than Friday's quake. The information comes from the company's "Fukushima No. 1 and No. 2 Updated Safety Measures" documents written in Japanese in 2010 and 2009. The documents were reviewed by Dow Jones.

The company said in the documents that 7.9 was the highest magnitude for which they tested the safety for their No. 1 and No. 2 nuclear power plants in Fukushima

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AFP says the operator of the Fukushima nuclear power plant, where a second reactor system is overheating, says there is a risk of a second explosion. We'll keep you updated right here.

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Tywais wrote:

micro-Sievert or 1 millionth of a Sievert. I work in nuclear physics for about 40 years but being American normally use REM, mRem and uRem so have to think a bit about the relationship between the two units. You know, like kg/lbs meters/feet. smile.gif

Ahhh... as a fellow American, that would explain it... Yeesh.. another lbs/kg thing???

Rem I know/knew... mSv not... So they're not the same unit of measurement...totally different levels?

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Quote: Three reactors at the plant lost their cooling functions in the aftermath of quake and tsunami because of a power outage.

Oh the irony; reactors overheating because of power failure.

Isn't that what they do; generate electricity?

Actually I hope they don't melt down and everybody is safe; they have been through enough this week!

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Why does the densest seismic network in the world/such an earthquake prone area have Nuclear Reactors.

Of course they need the power it supplies...but still it makes one wonder.

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An official at Japan's Meteorological Agency says that wind direction over the Fukushima Daiichi nuclear plant will be monitored as it is a key factor in judging damage to the environment www.reuters.com

seems like admitting for the worst to come

Be/get prepared ...

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