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The Moat In Cm

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"Johpa ol buddy it used to be Mae khong but it aint anymore (that used to be old dinosaur days of the Pig Pen / Cottage). Now I'm a lot older & (less?) "wiser" but a Jameson's man. The hours of business are still the same = I'm a night time kinda guy, although a lot of that has to do with the girlfriend singer keeping me up & out late.

Currently the N-W inside of the gate would seem to be the most bent, but it does vary from month to month.

None of this however detracts from the fact that the road around the outside of the moat is not square, or the fact that I still can ride a motorbike in a straight line (most nights.)

Now after a more intense checking of my Cnx GPS tracks I note that the road around the inside of the moat is pretty much 1.6 kms wide / long all the way around. And yes this means it could indeed be square! This measurement would also appear to be taken at ground level & not from a few hundred kilometers above the earth, where a few mms out could be meters or even kms out, so I reckon it might be alright.

<deleted> life in Cnx really is boring at times, so tomorrow off to Laos & GPSing some more of the countryside……..no need for google earth on your motorbike. I just hope I can see the right tracks...."

The GT king has spoking... I feel honerd to have you respond since i am the OP.

Can not wait some day to ride along with you on one of your "loops" . Ride a 1150 RT daily. Not sure what i will get in LOS..African Twin? Can't wait.....

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