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BANGKOK 19 August 2019 18:45
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How To Restore Music,Video,Apps On Iphone

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Boy, I experienced one heck of a cluster <deleted> with iTunes and my iPhone4 last night.

I fired up iTunes to do a routine synch and it notified me of two updates: one to iTunes and one to iOS v.4.3. Great! Thanks, iTunes, I'll do that: I'll upgrade both!

First, I clicked to update iTunes. When the process completed (after a 75+MB download), I clicked on the iTunes icon and was greeted with an error saying files were missing, and to re-install iTunes. Crap. But, okay, so I googled "download iTunes," clicked on the apple.com link, clicked on the big "DOWNLOAD" button and downloaded another 75+MB. Clicked on the file only to find I'd downloaded the 32-bit version, and I have 64-bit Win7. Crap. So, downloaded another 75+MB and it installed properly.

That was the EASY part.

Next I clicked on iTunes' generous offer to upgrade my iPhone to v.4.3. Woohoo! Finally I can get WiFi tethering.

First clue something was amiss: after downloading and getting what looked like 90% through the installation, up popped an error: The iPhone "wpcoe's iPhone" could not be updated. An unknown error occurred (1013). Clicking on the "More Information" button lead to an apple.com page with a link explaining the error codes. Apparently this error code could/should be resolved by deleting everything from the HOSTS file.

Fine, did that.

Then iTunes cautioned me that my iPhone was in recovery mode and I should restore the settings. I clicked on the appropriate button and after several minutes, again about 90% through the operation, up pops an error: The iPhone "iPhone" could not be restored. An unknown error occurred (1013). Hmmmm. Same error as above.

Rinse, lather, repeat. I was stuck with a bricked phone.

The problem was a single line in the HOSTS file. At some point some piece of Apple software inserts an IP address mapped for gs.apple.com.

Many of the internet forum fixes say to remove that line -- Apple's site arrogantly says to delete ALL entries in the HOSTS file, of course, since they reign supreme in their own eyes -- which I did early in the process.

Then I realized that my primary DNS server is set to my Thai ISP's, and my secondary DNS server is set to a USA site. I think that with the invalid address mapping deleted from the HOSTS file, my Thai DNS server resolved to some Thai Apple IP address. When I switched my Primary & Secondary DNS Server settings, I was able to complete the iOS upgrade.

Now, how many folks are going to stumble on that solution?

After the upgrade was complete, I was presented with an iTunes screen to restore a backup, which I did. I got no error messages. However, after the restore, all my music and photos are still missing and all my downloaded apps as well. What the <deleted> exactly was backed up and restored???

I finally found that if you right-click on the device name in iTunes, it offers to restore. (Here, I was, silly me, expecting to find such a useful tool in the menu bar at the top...) I had a choice of three backups, one from before this debacle started, and two created during the process.

I chose the one from before, and it restored none of my apps, music or videos.

I found the location of the backup files:

C:\Users\wpcoe\AppData\Roaming\Apple Computer\MobileSync\Backup\7e3ba4c339bcb70b1ed25c16f0b0ef3b2174d2de

-- a folder with 5519 items, including some .plist files that contain the names of my downloaded apps and some of their settings, but can't seem to find a way to have iTunes access that info to restore it!

iTunes already had all my apps under LIBRARY > Apps

I found where iTunes had hidden all my songs/videos (C:\Users\wpcoe\Music\iTunes\iTunes Media) and I successfully dragged-and-dropped them in the LIBRARY in iTunes. However, when I click SYNC, nothing gets copied over onto the bloody iPhone???



How can Apple fans be so blindly loyal and in awe of its products? This "simple" upgrade process has so far cost me over three hours, and I still don't have a fully functioning iPhone.

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This is actually a common issue our iPhone users will meet or have experienced. For what I used ever, we can firstly check Photos app for "Recently Deleted" album. It helps keep all deleted photos and videos for 30 days. Then, it's also available to use iTunes or iCloud official solutions. It's straightforward but comes with risk to replace current data with the selected backup file. In order to pretect all data from being lost or damaged, what we can give a try is a professional tool, such as Joyoshare iPhone Data Recovery, PhoneRescue, etc.

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