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BANGKOK 27 March 2019 04:09
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Limbo's Condition

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is there nothing better to do than posting such b*llsh*t???

sometimes it would be better to leave the people alone...

.... home alone :D ?

Yes, only the first two letters of the English alphabet?

No, I rememered the third one suddenly ! And that is C, as we all know now.

Got ya, C.....s !!! :o


Edited by Limbo

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For all of you who are considering visiting the north or even (shudder) living here....take this thread as a warning...this thread may seem like a joke to many but to those involved it is a struggle taken on in all earnestness....beware...this could be you.

Excellent point. Those considering a move here should realize the bizarre impact that rainy season has on even the most robust characters among us. Some are unable to refrain from the use of camouflaged cussing while others find it far more interesting to contribute to that other topic that they have been admonished to ignore.

Rumour has it that our beloved Limbo, who has just begun to learn his ABC’s, has a remedy for this seasonal affliction. Now that his own condition has been cured I look forward to the benefit of his wise counsel.

:o still not homealone :D

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