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Law Prohibiting Marriage To Foreigners Over The Age Of 50 Proposed To Thai Cabinet

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Wonderful, another great move by the powers that be...but seriously the way I see it is this new law in fact hurts Thai people much more than "old farang", no wedding no sin sot, no house etc etc etc etc, the saddest thing I see from this though is this is another example of the Thai governments total disregard of foreigners and the benefits they bring, other recent comments from other "minister's" prove this, we are not only disliked we are in fact HATED by some and treated accordingly, I hope Thailand keeps its racist bullshit up so more of us have reasons to finally throw our hands up and say enough is enough..

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Hmmm i think i better stop put money on that country.

I have being married many years with a quite younger woman than mee

and i dont care about the "visa" ore whatever and why should i stay in Thailand its to expensive to be a farang. All Thai only see bath when they se mee :)

And if i should buy a house ,and if i put my pension to thailand why they think we should be rich to do that? If we can manage our life and they get our money????????

It seemes that are feel ashame how they threat there own citizen and try to cover this with "popular" laws.

Yes Thailand is a wonderful country BUT even my wife dont wanna come back if not for her family!

Dont they even think how much they earn from Farang?

Maby all should look in Cambodia ore Vietnam they have nice coast to with better price on house and property! And the Korea ppl run allmost all big Companies. Yes VN next! :)

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When are these politicians going to wake up and stop copying other countries? It would seem politicians are only concerned with tourism money. They say this is a democratic country I say B...S..T. What is so democratic about Thailand? It should a persons right to marry any person of their choosing.

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My first thought was already voiced. I say pass the law. That gives me a easy out when the girlfriend starts pushing to get married..."Sorry honey, I'm over 50 & it's against the law."

I love the law of unintended consequences.

A few other random thoughts...

I never understood why a single retired person, supporting on himself in this example, has to have twice as much money in the bank to qualify for a visa (800,000) as a married man (400,000) to support 2 people & possibly kids, the parents & the odd auntie, not to mention all the sick buffalo's.

As for marriage in general, I think they should legalize gay marriage (they can put those age restrictions in that law as well). I've always thought that gay people have as much right to be miserable as the rest of us.

Some folks spoke of the racism of the proposed law. In case you haven't noticed, Thai society is exponentially more racist & much more sexist, than any western culture that I can think of. Not to mention the impression of Thais being more accepting of gays & ladyboys. That is a load of crap. The women may be, but the men here certainly are not. Men here think women are good for one thing and a consequence - sex & children. And they truly believe the age of the girl doesn't matter, nor does the fact that they may already have a wife & at least one mia noi.

Legislate away boys...you only reinforce the third world impression that the rest of the world already has of Thailand.

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How many farang are like me? I live in Thai but work overseas. My wife 31 me 58 an have a great life together for 3 years, and Buddhist marriage only. I have invested over 6 million baht here recently and plan for 3 times that in next year. Who wins? I do because I am very happy, and I look after a couple of step kids and will be employing some of the family.

I agree that this type of law is againsty basic human rights.

What possible advantage to anyone from this idiot law?

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This is great. All the FOOLS who are responding to this post.

Keep it coming guys. Show the world how paranoid you really are.

(great stuff George).

nb...this post will get buried and the cries from the TV masses shall continue.

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Ok, more than likely this is an April Fool's Joke, at least here in Thailand. However, it was in the news a month or so ago that Cambodia was considering such a law. But for a moment, let's say that LOS actually did consider such a law, and the effects.

1) Yeah, it would stop a lot of older foreign men from marrying women young enough to be daughters or even granddaughters in some cases. Some of those work, some don't. I know of one case of a man who is 60+ and married a woman 28 with 3 kids. They have a house and other things she and the kids would never have on their own, or with the overwhelming majority of Thai men, the kids are able to go to good schools, and they are all happy together. He has developed some health problems, but she is devoted to taking care of him in every way she can.

2) And what about cases such as mine? I have been married to my Thai wife for over 3 years now, having known her for over 4. When we got married I was 59 and she was 49, although both of us look at least 10 years younger than our actual ages. At that time I was only receiving 80% of my military disability pension, and no Social Security, so I would not have been able to meet the retirement visa requirements. However, since then the full military disability pension has kicked in, as well as the Social Security, so either visa is available.

3) If there WERE such a law, then there should also be a stipulation in regards to the age of the Thai woman, say a difference of no more than 20-25 years, as there are many men over 50 who marry Thai women who are also older (30+).

But, until I see a follow up on this story in other sources, I'll just consider this an April 1st joke and treat it as such.

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First I hope Thailand won't use April 1st to make a joke. But if not it is an excellent proposal. First of all it is not a good idea to marry a 22 years young girl when you are 60 or older. It also protects the male person not to be robbed by a young girl. Besides there are very strange rules applicable from countries paying your pension and reduce it for strange reasons, because they think you will profit from it if you marry a Thai woman.

So a guy 50/55 is OK to marry a 22 you say???? But the Thai Gov says a 50 or older farang can't marry a 45 yr old thai woman??? Maybe they should pass a law that states any farang that asks for a retirement visa must speak thai. Maybe tall farangs shouldn't be allowed to get visa too, make thai oncomfortable?

Will a 60 yr old not have a 22 gf rip him off??

People make choises, good, bad, indifferent, but it is on them.

What would the thai gov. say if other countries told them if you come here, you must speak the language, worship our god, not marry our woman and just "BRING MONEY"!!!!!!!!!!!!

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