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Batten Down The Hatches

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Here is a recent news post from George, in case you have not seen it yet. :o


Best to be prepared, but hopefully it will not be as bad as predicted.

Here is the latest satellite view and you can click in the lower left corner to see its' movement during the past few hours.


Good luck all!


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Here is the latest from george. Not looking good.


Strongest typhoon in 30 years hits Hainan Island

The strongest typhoon hit southern China's Hainan island in more than 30 years early Monday, sending residents scattering for shelter and endangering crops of rice, rubber and bananas.

Typhoon Damrey made landfall north of Hainan's Wanning City Sunday with wind speeds of up to 198 kph, the official Xinhua News Agency said.

It was the island's strongest typhoon since September 1973.

--The Nation 2005-09-26

Also, it looks to me like it will be affecting CM sooner than Wednesday.


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Two articles from thaisnews.com ประจำวันอาทิตย์ที่ 25 กันยายน 2548 that you may be interested in... :o


The Meteorological Department has issued an announcement warning people in the north and northeast of another violent tropical storm named ‘Damrey’. The storm is expected to hit the areas soon.

Typhoon ‘Damrey’ is currently located at the latitude 19 degrees north and longitude 113 degrees east, centred in the South China Sea about 230 kilometres from Hainan Island. With the maximum epicentre speed of 120 kilometres per hour, it is moving in a westerly direction and expected to bring heavy precipitation to Thailand. Residents in the north and northeast, especially in the upper northern and upper north-eastern areas, are being urged to be on the lookout for possible dangers.

They must be in full preparation for sudden flooding and flash flood as well as rivers’ overflow and inundation over the next couple of days from September 26th to 29th. At the same time, as waves and winds in Andaman Sea and the Gulf of Thailand is getting stronger, special care for fishing vessels is highly recommended.


Following the second round flooding in CHIANG MAI Province, the government is urgently improving the water drainage channels in PING (ปิง) River and attempting to suppress deforestation.

Prime Minister THAKSIN SHINAWATRA said in his weekly radio address that, during his visit to CHAING MAI Province, he had taken a chance to observe the flood situation. During that time, there were consecutive rainfalls in many districts of the province, leading to the overflowing of water in MAE PING River. From his observation, a major cause came from the problem found in the river’s water drainage channels. Some areas of the river are shallow and narrow, resulting in a slowdown of flowing current. Most importantly, deforestation has been found in a wide range of area of CHIANG MAI.

Therefore, the Prime Minister has called for cooperation from local people to help protect and conserve forest resources. He added that he has realized the significance of deforestation problem and would take care of this problem by himself.

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It looks to me like there is still a significant amount of moisture heading towards Northern Thailand.  I'm no expert though.


Hmm, right you are. It looks different from 12 hours ago in that even though the core of the storm is passing further north, it sure is drawing in a lot of moisture from the southwest that will be dragged across Thailand. I guess the jury is still out on how much rain CM and upriver will get. :o

Good luck!

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Can one assume from the forecast that things are not going to be as bad as first thought? I am no weatherman, and I dont have to be one to know we have had no rain yet, when according to forecasts as far as I can make out the rain should have started yesterday!

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Pretty quiet in the CM forum today.  How was/is the rain/flooding?

The army have been very busy over the last 24 hours or so building up the sand bags along the riverside and also putting earth banks in place.

The local loudspeakers are still precicting a serious flood - talk of 7 metres as opposed to the 5 (I think) that we had in the first bad flood.

The main topic of conversation around our village and at the family place is Toxin's directive to open all the floodgates/locks (?) along the Ping to allow that water to flow straight through without restriction - most people seem very concerned about how much of their land and property would be swept away by such a flow of water.

The rain started last night but in a very British drizzle style and is still coming down right now but with no great force.

I stayed up later than normal last night thinking that the storm would be quite something to watch, glad I gave in to the temptation of a comfy mattress(!). What I did find quite amazing though was the very bright sheet lightning that lit up the sky followed by about 10 seconds of silence and then 20 seconds plus of thunder - I have never heard thunder like that before. However, it is fair to say that I have a habit of sleeping through earthquake tremors, storms and floods!

That's about as much of an update that this man on the ground can give!


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They have blocked many of the bridges over the canal road with sandbags, including Huay Kaew at canal. Looks like they are preparing to release water from somewhere into the canal. Anyone have news of whats happening to the north of us?

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Just popped on to see if anyone had any info...

I've heard the flood is coming in 4 hours (i.e. around 6pm) as another dam has burst upstream + lots of rain in Mae Hong Son area on its way down...

Sounded a bit exaggerated and melodramatic, but who would take the risk?

The thunder last night was something!

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There has been serious amounts of rain to the north of CM, especially Phrao, where the bridge has collapsed/washed away so no direct access to CM. Also heard of bad flash floods in Mae Taeng and flooding in Fang - but don't know details.

In CM Land and other places this morning people were not just putting out sandbags but building walls in front of doors and openings up to about waist height.

Best idea to switch on radio and listen but sounds like we should expect Ping River to rise this evening/night.

Seriously think I should invest in some kind of boat!

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