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How Is The Weather In October?

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I looking to take my family to Krabbi the week of October 14th. Can we expect to get really wet then? We don't mind a little rain here or there, but we don't want to get clouds and rain everyday. Should we postpone the trip a month or two, or are they any other islands that are less wet that time of year. Thanks for your help.

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Krabi Weather


Krabi has two predominant seasons. One is the hot season and the other the wet season or the Rainy season, but we have to be more detailed.

Hot season is from January to April and this is followed by the so called rain season. However rain occurs mainly in the evening hours from May to December. Unfortunately most travel guides and magazines available anywhere or on the internet are simply calling it rain season ( monsoon season) but do miss to specify at what time in fact it is really raining. This is unfortunate for the whole of Thailand. Rain Season is ver different within the Kingdom of Thailand. If if comes to the south of Thailand( Krabi, Phuket, Koh Samui, Kao Lak etc. ) major rains do happen between the end of October and mid of December. But as we said earlier, it is raining mostly in the evening hours while on the day time there is a change of sun and cloudy skies. For a sunlover this might not be paradise, on the other hand for let us say a moderate sunlover it is much more relaxing then the hot season.

In general it is very pleasant if a rain shower is cooling of the heat and moisture in the air.

Most rain does occur in the month of November where one could face 2-3 days without sunshine.

Krabi is in the North west Monsoon area.

The temperature in Krabi changes from 16.9 degrees to 37.3 degrees Celsius

from krabi.com

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