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An Alsatian,a Doberman and a St.Bernard were sat at the back of the vets surgery and got to talking as to why they were there.

The Alsatian says that he was taken out by his owner but he slipped the leash as he saw a bitch on heat and chased across the road after her causing a bad road accident.

So thats why he was there and was having his nuts whapped off.

The Doberman say he was out with his owner,ran off and actually caught this bitch that was on heat and caused a very bad traffic jam before people managed to seperate them.

Obiviously this did not happen in Bangkok as they are proficient at making their own traffic jams without the aid of a very large randy dog.

He was also in to have his nuts whapped off.

The St.Bernard said that his owner is a twenty five year old blond and a darling,

he also said that they were alone in her apartment and she was wandering around stark naked and he was watching her,and he was getting randy.

He said as she opened the fridge door and she bent over he couldn't resist it and did the deed and gave her a good seeing to for fifteen minutes and thats why he was there.

Wow, the Alsatian said and are you having your nuts whapped off as well?

Nah, the St.Bernard said just having my claws trimmed.

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