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Yahoo Groups For Teachers In China

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I have found Yahoo Group on Teachers in China to be extremely interesting.

while not about Thailand it is about the problems Farangs might experience teaching.

I hope posting this link does not violate the rules of this forum.


this group has Chinese job listings


i found no such groups on Thailand

again, hope I am no in violation fo any rules for this wonderful forum.



(teach) -- classroom techniques and problems, tips, lesson plans, materials, Q&A on teaching.


(job) -- job openings, professional issues, contracts, Q&A on employment.


(life) -- life threads, language, food, travel, stories, learning Chinese, life in China, diplomacy, computers, culture shock, returnee life.


(unmod) -- unmoderated open-topic chat, be friendly. Owned independantly by Mike Maas.

To subscribe, send a blank email To:





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Well yeah you're kind of breaking the rules....I assume you don't have a vested interest???

But it's for China, so not a biggie.

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I've posted a question or 2 there .. even had a couple of phone conversations & discussed a meet up with a returned teacher living near my home town ..

definately no involvement with the group owners ..

same same as with with you guys ..

i posted a question here about teaching in china .. several weeks ago .. & my search for info led me to those groups.

jobs in taiwan reportedly pay US$2k, 80+kTbt .. post there reported the need for 1000s of teachers .. linked to a Taiwanese newpaper article

info, just more info.

i'll delete the post with links in a heart beat .. or if you delete i won't feel offended.

thanks for your work & service provided!

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the groups send emails each day of all new posts / responses.

some horror stories & some funny stuff.

appears each teacher has something called an FAO ( governemnt control person ) that controls all aspects of the teachers existance.

todays LOL:


I am enjoying all the replies stirred up by Pete's

"rant" and yes it happened to me last night.

Occasion: Mid-autumn Festival in my town. Advance

warning: 24 hours. We were TOLD (not asked) that the

3 foreign teachers at my school would be singing a

number at the town festival!

Then there was us! We were downright

embarassed by our own casual performance. I think we

were just the comic turn or filler in the programme.


I continue to laugh picturing my self forced to sing (?) at a town festival!

appears teachers are segregated & not allowed to hang with locals! ??

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