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Do You Eat Your Cooking Mistakes?

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I'm sure its nothing that a bit of "Nam Pla Prik" (Chiilies,garlic,lemon juice,fish sauce etc) poured on top can't fix!! I put it on everything-even roasts.


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off topic question: has the airport code really changed from SGN to HCM? there was a big row decades ago when Viet Nam demanded the change and the authority in charge refused by insisting SGN has to be used.

hi naam...nah, the airport code is still SGN but most people that do business in the area call the town Ho Chi Minh City (regardless of what the die hard imperialists say) hence, HCM in the non-airport vernacular...

the local name for the airport is Ton Son Nhut (sp?) just like in the war days when it was a military installation...

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