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BANGKOK 21 March 2019 04:10
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Chiang Mai, Loi Kroh Road

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Apparently there is science to back up why the past seems better than the present . For one who is back in the UK now after having my three months stay over winter you in-country guys moaning about this and that should maybe open your eyes and remind yourself of some of the many pleasures that Thailand is uniquely able to offer. Thailand to me is a bit like a women can't live with it - can't live without it.


That is a brilliant article! It deals with perceptions of people in their younger years versus when older, but I dare say it applies exactly the same to our collective 'second youth' after moving to Thailand.


When people make judgments about things, they usually do it in relation to something else. For example, when they say that a concert is excellent, they mean that it is excellent compared to the concerts they have seen up to that point. [...] When we look back on events from our youth, we are likely to remember many things as being excellent, or awesome, or brilliant. We just forget how we decided on their excellence or brilliance. With a broader base of experience as an adult, it takes a lot for us to be truly awed. So we decide that things must have been better when we were younger.

[Another] factor comes from the time difference itself. Quite a bit of research suggests that we tend to think about the distant past more abstractly than we think about the present. Lots of the specific things that are happening right now involve the petty annoyances that you have to deal with to navigate daily life. There are bills to be paid, stacks of laundry to be done, tests to be taken and errands to run. When you think about the past, those petty annoyances don't come up. So, all you think about are the great times you had.

BTW, I did start that topic in the Pattaya forum to see if the people there thought if it was better in the old days, with very predictable results:


Of course, everyone considers the exact time they got to Thailand (or started going to bars) to be the best time, even though it's different for everyone. rolleyes.gif

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