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Japanese Tourist Shot Dead In Chiang Rai By Thai Tour Guide

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Thai Tour Guide Shot Dead Japanese Tourist


A Thai tour guide surrendered himself to the police confessing that he had shot dead one Japanese tourist and wounded another, after a heated argument during the trekking in Chiang Rai, northern Thailand.

On 26th April, 2011 the tour guide, Apichart Inphisak, 41, turned himself in to the police and admitted to the crime that he had committed earlier at 10 a.m.

Mr. Inphisak guided two Japanese tourists, Hiromichi Nagano, 59 and Takushi Condo, 43, to Chiang Rai mountainous area, visiting the Lisu people, a Tibeto-Burman ethnic group.

Takushi was constantly complaining and cursing especially about the tour while travelling in the green Suzuki jeep, Mr. Inshisak said.

Even when they were trekking in the woods, the complaining continued, he added.

When Mr. Inshisak could not tolerate the criticism any longer, he started his verbal retaliation which subsequently instigated an intense argument between the guide and tourists.

Full story and pictures HERE

-- Pattaya Daily News 2010-04-27

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Japanese 'gangster' shot dead in Thailand: police

BANGKOK, April 27, 2011 (AFP) - A Japanese alleged yakuza gangster was shot dead in northern Thailand by a local tourist guide in suspicious circumstances, Thai police said Wednesday.

The 44-year-old was shot twice in the head and torso in a mountainous area 30 kilometres (19 miles) from the city of Chiang Rai late Tuesday, Major General Adis Ngamchitsuksri, commander of the Thai Tourist Police, told AFP.

Adis said a Thai tourist guide named as Apichart Inthisak, 41, had surrendered and confessed to shooting the man, saying they had quarrelled during a trip to see hilltribes in the area.

"But police are not fully convinced of the motive given by the suspect. We think that there may be another motive behind this killing," he added.

A second 59-year-old Japanese man sustained serious injuries from gunshot wounds.

Apichart, a native of Chiang Rai, told police that the two Japanese were upset that he was one hour late to pick up them up from their guesthouse.

He said they later argued and a gunfight ensued.

"The suspect said he had to carry a gun to protect tourists," Adis said.

Adis said he was told by the Japanese embassy in Bangkok that the victim was a prominent yakuza gangster in Tokyo linked to the Yamaguchi-gumi organisation. The embassy did not confirm that information when contacted by AFP.


-- (c) Copyright AFP 2011-04-27

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Nice one...he sure picked the wrong guy to murder.

Was the guide registered? probably not and there are plenty more like him who buy an "official guide" badge and ID and set off on their merry ways to cause mayhem.

What often amazes me with serious crime in Thailand is that the perpetrators don't give a thought to the years they will spend in a hell hole. Seems this is no deterrent for them.

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This news was all over Japanese media since yesterday, but none of it said the victim was a yakuza.

They had guns on them and $10,000 in cash. This Takushi guy is also meant to be the leader of the third largest 'gang' in Japan according to the article.

I wonder what their real reason was for going into the Jungle.

If what's said in the article he should be released without charge as it's a case of self defence.

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Seems there may be a bit more to this story.

Anyhow,... if the victim is in fact a member of the Yakuza then his killer might well be advised to skip country or quietly vanish (if he can make bail) and lay low as I expect they'd be all over this one.

Note to self: Don't argue with tour guides on remote trekking tours!

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Sweet Justice served. I hope the poor tour guide doesn't get shit for this. If the reports are true, it ~IS~ self-defense. I mean c'mon... How many tour guides shoot their hosts dead in this country?

But the dead dong being "Yakuza"... Someone's gonna want retaliation... :(

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Everyone who has a bit understanding of 'Thainess' has to understand that … I mean: what else could the 'jai dee' Thai tourist guide do than to shoot his customer if this 'kinook' tourist complains all the time?!?

After all, he has to be happy that he was allowed to enter the great country of Thailand and spend his money in it, although I have a hunch he didn't spend enough because he is so 'kinyaou'. I am not even sure if he accepted to officially pay 5 times the price Thais have to pay to be allowed to cross entrance of the area, did he at least have 'face' enough to swallow that without complaining??

All in all, another great promotion of the friendliness and warmth tourists are greeted with in Thailand and by Thais in the tourist business. Behave, swallow and pay - then you get a nice wai. Complain, criticize or negotiate too hard - you might get a punch in your face, have to pay an enourmous amount of money to pay someone off or might even get shot.

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This news was all over Japanese media since yesterday, but none of it said the victim was a yakuza.

No, they wouldn't do that - too much face to lose.

I once saw a story in the Daily Yomiuri about an Iranian drug gang that had been apprehended - street thugs who sold small packets to punters. The story went into great detail about the hiding places of the drugs and how the transactions went down. In pretty much every sentence, instead of using the men's names or just referring to them as "dealers", as would be normal journalistic practice, they were "the Iranians" - about nine or ten times in a story 20 lines long. The kicker was at the end with a single short sentence: "The Iranians said they bought the drugs from a Japanese crime syndicate."

No question in the journalist's mind who the real criminals were here....

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The $10K can possibly be explained by them being Japanese.

Japanese will, like Germans, carry large amounts of cash rather than use a credit card.

(credit cards aren't as readily used in Japan... which is why Japanese banks have high daily ATM limits. I remember when Citibank in Japan had a DAILY limit for withdrawals from ATMs of US$15K.)

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I am always amazed and how quickly the police can find incriminating information on the VICTIM of a crime. Usually they couldn't find an elephant in Volkswagen. Sadly, the dead guy can't tell his side of the story.

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