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Japanese Tourist Shot Dead In Chiang Rai By Thai Tour Guide

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If the guy was really Yakuza, I have a feeling this is going to end badly for a few Thai people.

Doubtful - it would be 1 Japanese against 100 Thais - the Thais would win. This is their country.
Yakuza are masters of stealth. The payback would be lover long before the 100 locals would have time to assemble.

Just sayin smile.png

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Strange, I don't Japanese clearly as people who complain but as always staying very polite.

Beside this, if a tourguide cannot stand complaining tourists he has choosen the wrong job and should resign immediately.

What are actually the requierements to become a tourguide in Thailand ? Do they have to be university graduates and specialized in some field, speak at least 5 languages, successfully followed the tourguide school, including first aid and basic medical skills ?

If the guy above represents Thailands average tourguides it's about time to warn the world not to visit Thailand anymore. This loser has absolutely NOTHING to offer to be a tourguide, but is just some adventurist who makes money with tourists, what a bloody, bloody shame for Thailand !


edit: I just see the original article that contains some juicy details about these 'tourists'. this was just a bunch of mafia including the thai murderer.

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Does anyone know what happened to the Thai Tour Guide ? He was a regular in the Coffee Hub and was seen many a time . I found him to be quite a nice guy and when he hadned himself in as the hit man , I think many people were suprised , especially as he handed in the so called weapon he used , which turned out to have nothing to do with the "Hit ". I think he was a paid fall guy !!

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If the guy was really Yakuza, I have a feeling this is going to end badly for a few Thai people.

This is Thai territory here. I think they will just let it go. There are a few lessons here to learn, but one of them would be not to push Thais to the point that they lose control of themselves and lose face as they have problems with regaining it later. Thais have high initial tolerance for abuse but later they can 'explode'. Being polite is still the best policy, they could have cancelled the trip if he was late. How much was it? 500 baht? 1000, 2000? I don't think it was much more than that. Giving the guide hard time did not work to their best advantage it seems.

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In my opinion , theres not alot to do with the Thai's here other than the fall guy taking the rap, to at least try and keep the blame from the real hit men who were Japanese. I dont think Thais have given this story much thought , considering one of the big mafia bosses in Japan has already paid out compensation to the murdered mans family for ordering the Hit . The chances are that the Thai man who was the guide was all he was, a guide to take the hit men to killing field. Since the Thai man gave himself in as the hit man , I wouldnt be suprised if his payment was quite vast and enough to pay his way out of jail , the police and for him to move on to another province until everything settles .

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