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At least three dead after mine collapses in western Mexico

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At least three dead after mine collapses in western Mexico

2011-05-06 21:01:27 GMT+7 (ICT)

JALISCO, MEXICO (BNO NEWS) -- At least three people on Thursday died after a mine collapsed in western Mexico, the second fatal mining incident this week, El Universal newspaper reported on Friday.

At about 8:00 p.m. local time, a 20-meter wall collapsed in the "Pata de Gallo" opal mine near Tequesquite village, Guadalajara state. Three men were buried in the debris but witnesses said they were not miners.

Rescuers were able to recover the first body at about 10:00 p.m. as heavy machinery was needed to remove the stones and mud. Rescue efforts ended at midnight and the three victims were identified as residents of the nearby Magdalena municipality.

Authorities said that the three men were not miners but individuals that illegally removed the opal residues left by miners. The cause of the collapse is under investigation.

The "Pata de Gallo" mine has been operating for forty years and authorities said that preliminary information indicated that the three individuals may have been drunk. No other people were injured or trapped as miners had already finished working when the accident took place.

This was the second mining incident this week. On Tuesday, an explosion took place at a coal mine in Sabinas, in the northern Coahuila state. At least 14 miners were trapped and so far seven bodies have been recovered.

In addition a 15-year-old boy was injured in the blast and taken to a nearby hospital, but his right arm had to be amputated due to the severe wounds caused by the explosion.

Labor Secretary Javier Lozano arrived to the area and is supervising rescue efforts. He said that the coal mine, owned by Binsa mining company, had several irregularities. He also said that there is minimum chance of finding survivors.


-- © BNO News All rights reserved 2011-05-06

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