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Scanning around now for future schooling options for our daughter,I just recently been introduced to a new-ish school about 3kms south of the Samoeng intersection on Canel rd.

This school is like no other that I have seen in CM and offers, from it's core principals,what appears to be revolutionary in comparison to the academic standards at the government,bi-lingual and international levels, not to mention the bamboo/adobe architecture and environmental sensibilities.Their curriculum,concept and approach resonates with us.

But what is considered "authentic" is usually small scale, at 61,500 baht per.term and a capacity for 375 students it begins to resemble a more common face in the academic landscape. We leave CM June.01 and return Oct.01,in time for the 2nd term starting Nov. We would like hear from anyone who has anything to say about this school.

We live 20kms up Samoeng Rd. and need a school option beyond American Pacific Brat school. Thanks

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Their price for what is basically a bilingual school teaching the Thai curriculuum is very high. I would be very wary of it as it looks like being a bit of a gimmick to me.

I would also want to check out their teachers experience at teaching. The web site seems to skirt the issue a bit.

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I have a couple of friends who visited the school even though they thought it was kind of pricey. But after they saw it, they decided to enroll their kids. It may follow the Thai curriculum, but their is nothing wrong with the Thai curriculum in theory. It's how it's taught that matters. In typical Thai schools it's mostly rote learning and the staff who teach English more often than not have virtually no mastery of the language. In this school, the case is otherwise.

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post-87375-0-22954500-1305168839_thumb.jGreat school. My kids just finished summer school there and can't wait to get back. Now that says something in itself. It may be slightly pricier than other bi-lingual schools in the area, that's because of the high quality of the teachers there. They were all heavily screened and all had to undergo lots of training to qualify to teach there. In fact that training is an ongoing thing as well.

We chose the school mainly for it's 100% committed approach to the environment, and it's not just gimmicks and talk, this school is the real deal.

Schools that focus on installing Buddhist values ( spiritual values ) in their children are very few and far between.

This school (believe it or not) is a school of the future and is "history in the making".

For the first time here in Chiang Mai my wife and I feel we have made the right choice. And we can already see it in the kids.

And unlike other schools, "no junk food sold there, nor are the kids allowed to bring it". Just another plus in my mind.

No big fountains or big glossy brochures to lure the masses in here.

Just the concept of caring for the earth and creating good humans. In time that will sell itself.

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We have visited Panyaden a few times in the last month and attended the parents open day last Saturday. So far I have been extremely impressed with the school, staff and grounds.

Firstly, the school looks great! It has been well thought out and natural materials have been used wherever possible. Although they've had European architects design the campus, the buildings are constructed using local northern style and techniques incorporating bamboo, stones and clay.

The school is brand new and its first term will be starting next week. The founders (owners) seem to be doing it for the right reasons. There is a great team in place to run the school starting with a friendly, approachable and genuine director. The head of academics is very passionate about helping children further themselves and whom also has an extensive resume of past educational positions/experiences in multiple countries.

The teachers, who I have met all seem very eager and excited about the new school. They aren't backpackers on short working holidays. In fact the school has specifically picked out teachers that will not only meet the expectations of the educational requirements but also be part of a long term team. Also its worth mentioning that the whole team, in particular the teachers have been having training leading up to the start of term.

The spiritual advisor for the school is a very well respected monk named Ajahn Jayasaro who has developed a Buddhist approach to education which I feel will benefit the children in not only academics but also greatly enhance their life learning skills.

The school is most certainly not a 'gimmick' and anyone that says something like that from just looking at the website really should keep their mouth shut! Panyaden is a serious school with high goals that has not only much money invested but also and more importantly time, effort and thought to create a unique learning environment.

I am excited to send my son there and am hoping that it meets the high expectations which have been set from what I have seen so far.

I highly recommend anyone who is interested to at least go and have a look. Everyone from the parent liaison officer to the school director and head teacher are extremely approachable and you will quickly see that the school has great potential!

BTW - Panyaden is not only teaching the Thai curriculum, they're also following the IPC, which numerous international schools in Thailand follow.

Well worth taking a look!

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Count me as another who was highly impressed when I paid Panyaden a visit. I will send my daughter there next year figuring that at the very least, it'll be a good pre-school experience for her. But if it turns out half as good as it looks (and I mean in all aspects), then I'll be glad to send her there for primary school as well.

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Thanks a whole lot for the positive feedback. We are very excited about and looking forward to the day when our daughter can attend this school. Right now we are home-schooling while having a seasonal business outside Thailand.

Plenty of time yet before she reaches grade-one, perhaps by that time the school will be past the normal growing pains that every start-up enterprise experiences. Cheers - jap.gif

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