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Getting To Krabi

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Please could you tell me if you can fly to Krabi from Koh Samui? If so which airline.

I am interested in going and was told there really isn't much there so maybe a day trip is best.

If I had to get the boat from Koh Samui would there be anywhere to leave my suitcase? I would then be going on to Phi Phi by boat as well.


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Hi Dolly

The Bangkok Airways flights from Samui to Krabi are suspended at the moment, they may restart sometime after late October when work at Krabi Airport is due to finish. Best current option is to fly to Phuket and then its about 2 hours by road to Ao Nang. Do you intend staying on Phi Phi? Maybe you could think about staying in Ao Nang which wasnt so badly hit by the Tsunami, from there you can visit Phi Phi and other islands on day trips.


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You can’t get a boat from Samui to Krabi (only via Singapore) :o

Your best bet is get boat/bus to Surat Thani (inclusive ticket) then get bus to Krabi. Depending which bus it’s only a few hours. There’s a local A/C bus on street corner very cheap leaves every half hour or so.

If you get minibus it will take you into Krabi. The local bus station is a little way outside town but the bus station has pick-up “taxis’ and tourist offices so you can decide what way to go.

Krabi is just a town not much going on especially now in the low season. You can go to Koh Lanta or Ao Nang by minibus. Lanta in the low season is dead, really nothing doing, even finding a place open is not easy. Ao Nang has a bit more possibility.

Can’t say much about Phi Phi since the Tsunami. I hear they are getting it back together, hope so as it was one of my favorite islands and would recommend anyone to visit it.

Phi Phi is only accessible by boat and this time of the year the seas can be a rough so they don’t always run. Something to keep in mind if you have to return for a departure date.

The weather round Krabi at this time is a bit depressing, lots of rain every day not beach walking or suntan weather. Phuket may be a better option, like a bigger Samui with lots of things to do whatever the weather.

Can’t help you with the suitcase. Most travel shops, hotels or guest houses will keep it for you, sometimes for free. It will be pretty safe.

Hope some of this helps. :D

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Direct bus from Samui to Krabi, believe it even goes on the car ferry but not sure about that. Check your options once you get to Samui, if you are travelling now the season is very quiet and I doubt you would have any difficulty in booking transportation.

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Thanks for the replies!

I will be arriving into Samui on 20th November and staying for one week. I will then travel to Krabi, Phi Phi and on to Phuket.

Maybe I will just give Krabi a miss. If I go straight to Phi Phi instead what is the quickest way of getting there and how long will it take?


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You have to go Krabi to get the boat to Phi Phi.

There is also a boat service from Phuket but don’t know how it is running at this time of year.

The boat from Koh Lanta to Phi Phi only runs in the high season.

Just noticed you are not arriving till late November so most of what I said will be obsolete. The weather will have improved and the tourist season swinging so that will give you more choices.

If you want to take a “round trip” you could go from Lanta to Phi Phi and onto Phuket all by boat staying some time in each place.


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