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฿1,000 To Spend At A Stylish New Mediterranean And Oriental Restaurant

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Hello everyone,

Following a bunch of non-food deals on TikTokThai, we now have another great restaurant deal today!

฿1,000 to spend at a stylish new Mediterranean and Oriental restaurant, just ฿480!

For full details, please see: http://www.tiktokthai.com/bangkok/moustache-cafe-at-amari-soi-2

It's a rare find indeed to come across a restaurant that serves both Western and Asian fare giving each cuisine its own special care and attention as Moustache Cafe @ Amari does. More often, it's a case of one menu taking a back seat to the other. So, it's a very pleasant surprise to find that nothing could be further from the truth at this stylish new Mediterranean and Oriental restaurant sitting in a great location between Sukhumvit Sois 2 and 4.


Team TikTokThai






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