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< Name removed > In Chiang Mai Terrible Service

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I'm using this as an avenue to vent in addition to warn people of what they may expect because the service that we had received @ < Name removed > in Chiang Mai could not have been worse in addition to insulting. We had given this business another opportunity thinking that they were having a bad day on a prior visit but once again the service could not have been worse.Im not here to promote other businesses but if your looking for a nice atmosphere and good service this may not be the place for you. They call themselves < Details removed > but knowing NY and New Yorkers they would never tolerate being treated so poorly. My advise to the owner is to spend less time advertising and more time caring for your customers who had made an effort traveling to and going into your business.

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Naming & shaming not allowed.
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We do not allow "naming on shaming" on Thai Visa because Thailand has very strict libel laws. If a third party believes he has lost business/revenue/profits because of something posted on this website, irrespective of what that party may or may not have done, Thai law provides an avenue for that party to sue this website for losses.

We do not want the headache, and therefore do not allow libelous material on this website.


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