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Abuse Of Phuket Tourists: 'Bar Mafia’ Crackdown Looms

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I have been a teacher here for 6 years and the government makes it harder every year for foreign teachers to work here and yet they let this scum open businesses and extort money from people.

It all comes down to money. MOST ( not all ) Thais do not have principles they can be easily bought.

Of course they are charging high prices because they have to pay off the police to stay in business.

If the government paid police a decent wage and got rid of most of it's existing police force we may actually have some law and order here, and the Thai people may even start to respect the police. Then the foreign mafia ( with Thai interests ) would have to move to another country. jap.gif

(****why we here and not go ???

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I would have thought, that simple "economics" would weed out these A-Holes. Why patronize a bar charging 200 bht a bottle, when just up the street another bar is offering similar services and Only charging 80 or a 100 bht for the same drink? With so many bars to choose from, you don't have to be a genius to work it out. Would also have thought that the local Thai owners would take a hand(fist) in shutting down these creeps. The Russian and German owners of these places, must be paying a "small fortune" in bribes to get that sort of "high up protection" from Thai officials too. I must be missing part of the picture, as to me, the profit from the bars would not seem at face value anyway, to be worth the overheads. I can remember Pattaya 15 years ago, when the Russian mob were just starting to move in. Back then, they had to work quietly behind the scenes. They can now be found in most major cities it seems, along with the type of "brutal and ugly" crime they prefer. These animals are hard to get rid of, once they settle in. Even allowing for greed and bribery, it still surprises me just how much influence they have with Thai officials, all the way to the top of many departments and not just in "Law enforcement and Government" either. They must I think, be very good at finding the "dirt and dark secrets" of many officials - perhaps even creating some of it. The damage these "scum in suits" can cause and do to this country, not only in the tourist sector, should be a major concern for those many good people who help run this country. The bars run by them in places like Phuket and Pattaya, are only the "tip of the iceberg" but still need to be firmly stamped out now - without prejudice if necessary - as the saying goes. Taksin did it to the drug dealers and got away with it and these scum are far more dangerous and will do far more damage if they continue to operate. This needs to be done now, before they discourage all the regular tourists along with their families and attract and promote more scum like themselves.

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Let me get this right.

In the past extortion was a local trade; meanwhile the local yocals became even lazier and let non-Thais do the work and - at the end "take care of things"?

So Russian birds dance around, their and German pimps keep the show running, a mamasan parks her big wide back trunk on a bar stool and once the .... hits the fan, Phuket's finest are taken into the loop to "take care of things". And this applies also to the Tuk-Tuk and Jet Sky owners? Brilliant indeed.

Losers at the end are neither the Russians, Germans or any other non-Thai. But maybe I am wrong again whistling.gif

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Where to start with problems like these and others. With the Governement ? Police ? Business owners, Thai people ??? Who knows

The tourist will just stop returning. I live here and I have stopped going to Phuket. Have a condo for sale cheep in Pattaya and when it sells I will stop going there. Even the Thai's there at the condo try to cheat me saying I need to pay over 3000 for water in a unit the water is closed in.

Good bye Phuket and next Good bye Pattaya.

The scammers, police, and thieves will only have each other soon to be their next marks

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Everyone seems to agree we are used as scapegoats and all in all treated as mugs, will the day ever come where we just pack up and leave.....??

Would you believe ? When you finally decide to leave it gets very difficult, proven you were a good source of income for the country.

The International Mover ( JFK MOVER ) comes unable to give you a quote to move abroad. A few months ago you requested a quote to move to Bangkok: you got it within 24 hours.

Or it might be, you will just have an "accident " . Can be a light one like a "mosay" " would run full speed into you and you would be charged all expenses as found "responsible" by the Officer in charge of the Police precinct, despite this one does not speak English. Which expenses, ( but yours ) as there are no bills nowhere ? Not even a claim from somebody ? No problem: the Officer in charge KNOWS exactly how much you got to pay... ( a donation ) . Bad luck, it's a Sunday and you can't call neither your lawyer, nor your Consulate...

You don't pay ? They officially can't press onto you, without any document, right, mind you did not sign up anything ?.. They'll dare say you you must stay within the City limits, indeed. How long ? As long they decide No date given...And be ready to drop at the Precinct on a short notice...

The file is forwarded to Immigration ( a special Corps of the Police ) and they wait til you come to the border, man...Just wait for you, when you'll be in a rush to catch up your plane... You are in a trap... Do you think this is a NOVEL or a BIOGRAPHY ?

As for a change, not in Phuket: in Pattaya then....

There is eventually the possibility the "accident " would be harder and instead of a "mosay" you could be run over by a bus...

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Yes, mainly Germans and Russians

“Foreign mafia are mostly Russian and German. They open bars and charge much higher prices than their competitors.

“For example, they might charge 200 baht for [a small] bottle of beer that usually sells for around 80 baht to100 baht a bottle at other bars. They exploit consumers,” he said.

The whole story is a joke. When the iron curtain fell, Germany was suddenly filled with Russians, Albanians and other nationalities.

After a while there was no more German pimp in a German brothel.

The so called Russian- Germans came to Germany, holding a document, for ex. that the Granddad's brother was a German. These documents were so easy to buy in Moscow and also very cheap.

The joke about it was that German authorities couldn't prove the documents and within days, they all had a nice place to stay, a German passport and so on. Not long and they took over the whole illegal business.

Guns, drugs, prostitution and the Russians, now being Germans killed anybody being in their way.

The good old German pimps, who showed up with a baseball rag, when there was a problem between them completely disappeared.

The German government even helped them to have German sounding names, needless to say that most of them became rich, plus receiving welfare from Germany.

Many of the 'new Germans' were veterans, who fought in Afghanistan, none of them was using a baseball rag to solve a problem. They shot first and there was no more talking afterwards..........

Because of the weird laws to let them into Germany, some of them just showing a fake document, made so many Russian mafiosis to German citizens.

As a matter of fact, the "Russians, now holding a German passport with all the rights scare the shit out of the ordinary German people.

The so called "German Mafia" was never existing in Thailand.

Of course there are always some criminals from Germany, but you can't consider some individuals, doing something illegal "The German Mafia".

They shoot first...............................:jap:

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Why would anyone want to visit, let alone live, in a corrupt cesspool like Thailand ? Admit it guys, you are all there primarily for the culture.....bwaaahaaaahaaa.

Yes, I spent 12 months over a 3 year period living it up. But trust me guys, if you get back to civilization and get a REAL girlfriend your self-respect CAN be revived.

12 months over a 3yr period is hardly living here, and where did you visit, you say living it up so I guess the tourist areas, tourist areas in all countries are a magnet for the county's scum and that's exactly the people who descend on Phuket and Phattaya. I did 4yrs in Phats before moving to the north it's a whole different way of life, been here 5yrs now, I'm still in a city but here you see real Thais and they ain't all after your money and it's far closer to paradise even without the coconut trees and beaches.

You have no right to condemn Thailand as a whole, unless you've been there, seen it, done it, which you obviously haven't.

I see where you are coming from with real GF slur, but we ain't all struggling in that department either, 10yrs and 2 kids later, life is heaven, the only reason I see you would broad brush everybody with the same colour is because you are a bitter man who failed miserably yourself in your Thai venture.

In your civilized life how are the early morning commutes in the freezing cold weather going, unless you've already hit retirement, which will tell me a lot more as to why it didn't work out for you - just another old-git looking to marry a young beauty way out of his league, the recipe for disaster - but correct me if I'm wrong - after all I'm only guessing.

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Why would anyone want to visit, let alone live, in a corrupt cesspool like Thailand ? Admit it guys, you are all there primarily for the culture.....bwaaahaaaahaaa.

Yes, I spent 12 months over a 3 year period living it up. But trust me guys, if you get back to civilization and get a REAL girlfriend your self-respect CAN be revived.

Everybody have to live with his Disadvantages

I even have to sleep with mine :-)

My Girlfriend has a very well payed Job in the Centara Hotel here in Pattaya

Never asked for any "Setang"

Is this your mentioned "Selfrespect"?

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Happened to me in Athens Greece, 1986, i ordered 1 beer, then a lady sat next to me without talking and they wanted to charge me for her 3 cocktails, i refused a fight broke out, I ended up in an Athens jail, with a bill of 18,000Drachmas, for damages, which was negotiated down to the original, 1 beer 3 cocktails, moral of the story? it is every where ,where tourists are, not only Thailand!!!

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Why would anyone want to visit, let alone live, in a corrupt cesspool like Thailand ? Admit it guys, you are all there primarily for the culture.....bwaaahaaaahaaa.

Yes, I spent 12 months over a 3 year period living it up. But trust me guys, if you get back to civilization and get a REAL girlfriend your self-respect CAN be revived.

WOW get back to civilization and get a real girl friend, where did you come from under the rock that advertizes the good life in the west. Man talk about BS this takes the cake. Have fun in lala land.

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