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A young man was knocking around with a girl called Wendy.

After a time or a couple of times anyway he decided he was in lust with her and one day having a few scoops too many ended up in a tattoo parlour where he had her name tattooed on his member.

When it was proud and magnificent you could (well if you wanted to) see the full name but when he was tired all you could see was the letters W and y.

After a week or so when the swelling went down he was in a boozer and went into the gents,next to him was a west indian guy he had a quick glimpse over the stall and saw that on this gentlemans member was the letters W and y.

Oh he said is your girlfriend called Wendy as well?

The guy said "Oh that, no it says, Welcome to Barbados we hope you enjoy your holiday"

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