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Where Do U Go/do Normally After Your Dinner?

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Riverside, two bands.

Fine Thanks one band six singers.

Watch the drunk young farangs fall off the climbing peak at the night bizarre.

Johns Place and watch the old farangs fall off of the bar stools.

Give my girl friend and her two girlfriends two quarts of 100 Pipers and watch them try to tell the Tuk Tuk driver how to get home (this is really quite funny, I pretend I have forgotten where we live). Watch the security staff of 6 guys with billy clubs and mace try and get the girls to stop making noise when they get the giggles after the two quarts of 100 Pipers. This is also quite funny and I have considered selling tickets but I never really know when they are going to get wound up or if they are on a no drinking Buddha trip that week.

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Where do u usually go after the dinner? Any chill out place or other place to relax or any fun activities?  :o

From the table to the bar :D . After about 6 hrs of drinking i go to Safari in Phuket,then for some more drinking at the Night Market . Then its daylight .

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