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Captain Sensible

The Funny Pics Thread

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Hi Sunshine,

I am surprised that you did not give any more details about this fantastic artist or any reference to his other works.

Julian Beever - pavement artist


Julian Beever is a an exceptional pavement artist and further pictures of his work can be found at http://users.skynet.be/J.Beever/pave.htm

I reckon the guy deserves a seperate thread.

Here are some sample links to his masterpieces - enjoy:














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I don't get Sunshine or Lesley's pictures

I'm getting them but I don't understand them.

I think maybe in Sunshines piccy one of the men is drawn on the pavement.

Very clever but not exactly funny.

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Well this wont exactly spllit you sides but i had a little chuckle when i received this the other day.

I ordered some curtains (drapes) over the phone from an OTOP shop for my home and sent the dimensions i required to the shop by fax.

Most of the goods i recived from the courier were the wrong sizes etc etc.

I think the ones below were supposed to be 125 cm drop size, the shop made them 125 mm. :o

I was surprised that it did not occur to the person who sits at the sewing machine making these curtains that nobody has windows the height of a coke can :D


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OK, OK, But this one is quite funny (isn't t?)


Nothing loaded.

I tried the URL and got 403 Forbidden

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