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2 Days In Bkk - Which Wats Are Recommended For A Visit?

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I'm going to Myanmar in late August/early September and have 2 days in BKK outbound and half a day on return. I wonder whether there are any particular Wats one would recommend a visit to in such a limited space of time?I'm aware of Wat Pho etc. but wondered if there's any hidden gems that are worth spending time at?I'll be in Thailand for a longer period in March next year so can visit more Wats, for longer, and further afield, then.Metta,householder

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The Marble Temple, not sure of its Thai name, might be the one mentioned by caramata. Nice surroundings and temple hall.

Wat Trimit at the beginning of Chinatown, with the large Buddha in solid gold and a standing Buddha with 3 dfferent expressions, seen from 3 different perspectives.

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