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Anyone Up For A Group " Give Up Smoking" Try

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I sure could use the support I quit about 5 months ago but slipped up a few times.

MrRed forget about the e-cig, it's a waste of time and money I went down that very expensive path and wound up using that and smoking.

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If this helps.

I never wanted to quit. Realising this I was aware it would be impossible for me to quit. How can we quit unless we are really true to ourselves? I felt that I wanted to quit, but I also knew I couldn't or, I enjoyed smoking too much.

A year ago I quit cold turkey... The reason why I could? I suddenly wanted to, there was no doubt in my mind that I wanted to quit. The reason I suddenly wanted to quit, the reason quitting was easy was that I was in hospital with a Pulmonary Embolism (not smoking related). This was enough reason for me to genuinely want to quit.

I believe the physically effects of quitting last a short time, its the habit that takes time to crack. Get pissed off at work, have a barney with the Wife and you'll feel like a cigarette. Thats not physical withdrawal, its habit, its mental.

After not smoking for 6 months I allowed myself a little relapse, I like smoking and I haven't totally quit. I allow myself a Cigarette when I want one. i.e. if I'm out on the sauce and I feel like having a smoke I will. BUT, I have a ver firm rule: I never permit myself more than 2 in an evening (and never in the day).

I haven't had a cigarette for over a month even with this rule. But, when I want one, I'll have one.

Knowing that I can still have a cigarette if I choose removes the pressure of 'having quit'... its a strange one but works.

So. In conclusion - In order to quit you have to be truthful that you genuinely want to quit. And once you have quit, don't quit, but be strict with your limitations.

I hope this helps... Good luck.

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One thing that helped me quit smoking in the past is to have a text sent to you every hour, explaining why smoking is bad...funny text are even better, if they make you laugh...you get satisfaction and the craving goes away and made me lose the craving immediately.

You can use Whatsapp to send free text as long as your smartphone can access the internet. There are also pictures within this app that are quite funny if you include them along with a clever text message.

1) smoking is bad it makes your breath stink

2) smoking is bad it makes you old faster

3) smoking is bad it makes you sweat more

4) smoking will give you cancer

5) smoking makes you lose time

6) smoking changes your schedule

you get the point...sometimes we just have to be reminded why smoking is bad.

another important thing to remember is not to let something irritate you so much , you think you need a cigarette and just say screw it.

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