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Paddy managed to get a job as a deck hand on a submarine he was doing his job swabbing the deck when he heard “Dive, dive, dive” so he did, over the side.

For the next few days when he floating around clinging to his mop he thought how lucky he was for as soon as he dived in the ship sunk.

He was finally washed up on a desert island, after weeks of living on what he could forage nuts and berries and stuff, he looked out to sea and saw a beautiful young woman in a dugout canoe heading towards him.

Is that a mirage, he thought or am I seeing things?

She was real enough a she explained to him on the way back to her island a few miles away as she was also shipwrecked when her yacht foundered in bad weather.

She had built a fair shelter and with the gear she had managed to rescue from the yacht furnished it and had a shower and cooking facilities.

He was amazed at what this woman could do with so little material so after a while of being suitably impressed they sat down to dine.

She wined him and dined him and afterwards as she was unbuttoning her dress said to him I am going to show you something you have not seen for a long time.

Paddy was dumbfounded, as he said to her “Don’t tell me you have a chip pan under that dress!"

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