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Bgi - Project Manager In Thailand

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BGI is one of the largest genomic organizations in the world (www.genomics.cn) with a focus in research and applications in personalized healthcare, agriculture, conservation and bio-energy fields.

Since 1999, BGI has been a core participant in a large number of genome projects listed as below:

Ø Human Genome: 1% of International Human Genome, 10% of the International Human HapMap Project, First Asian Genome etc.

Ø Animal: Sino-British Chicken Genome, Silkworm Genome, Panda Genome, etc.

Ø Plant: Rice Genome and Cucumber Genome etc.

Ø Microbial: MetaHIT Project, a EU collaboration project for human metagenomics research.


Now hiring - Project Manager in Thailand


To provide technical direction and support to customer services and projects. Facilitate the information flow among customers, sales, operations, marketing and customer service.


- Assist in identifying customer opportunities, needs and requirements and communicate opportunities to sales force. Provide necessary support such as technical proposal, cost and lead time to help sales acquire and retain customers.

- Act as liaison between the lab personnel and the customer to set customer expectations, address technical concerns and determine feasibility of customer requests.

- Build production process and communicate with lab personnel and customer to accelerate process and reduce misunderstanding


- Thai nationality, possession of driver's license preferred

- Background in medical, cell Biology, biochemistry or related field; or equivalent knowledge and industry/functional experience.

- Strong technical background in gene expression analysis and genotyping is preferred

- Good written and verbal English communication skills are essential (Thai/Chinese language a plus)

- Selfmotivated and ability to work independently; Strong organizational ability to successfully work and perform in teams.

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