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Was thinking of setting up a website showing pictures and prices for apartments in Chiang Mai. Reason being i wanted to book one and i could only find 2 with a website, well one had a website and one had a webpage. I wont book somewhere which i havent seen pictures of so i was stuck with a choice between the 2 of them. Now there is at least 35 places with apartments for rent, see here


But as you can see almost all of them have no website. So i was thinking of getting the tgf a cheap digital camera (these days cheap gets good quality) and sending her to all them addresses to see if they will sign up to the website which will show all their details, what services they provide, rates, contact details etc etc etc along with some pictures which she can take with her camera. Then she can email all the details to me and i can set up a database driven website that looks pretty professional in no time. She can keep whatever the fee is i decide to charge and it might keep her occupied for a few weeks as well as making a few pound for herself.

Question is obvious, would thai apartment owners pay for this and how much are they likely to pay, i would offer a dont pay until you see the website and your apartment on the website up and running (would this be wise, how honest are thai's?) I would just charge a one off fee for the year and advertise on all the good forums and search engines. The amount dosent really matter, its just a way of helping the tgf make an few extra bob, but dont see much point in doing it for 50 baht an apartment or the like. I think there is a market for this because if any of the other apartments had a website with pictures and info i would have considered them, so its well possible they could pick up alot of business that way, i think hotels are different because people are just staying short term mostly so a website isnt as important but for apartments its often an extended stay of 6 months or more so people like to see what there buying, bit like a car. Nearly every bar and hotel have a website so they obviously pick up business this way. And i dont think a farang would be entertained if i rang asking if they were interested but they just might well listen to a cute thai girl.

Also each apartment would have a seperate web page(s) so they could use this in stationary etc

So just wondering what peoples feedback would be, a go or a no go???

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