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Flood Warnings 2011

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Been watching and is planning to go out for a morning view , i wonder where is a good place for breakfast :P

to compare , while the water level from the figure it seem to be worst then the 2005 flood , but since 2005 flood i had seen them dig in on the river bank . in 2006 and also more work done just to control the flood .

which is maybe why the reason most people like me in zone 7 when the water cross the 4.7 meter mark had less worry .

during the 2005 the water was 1 inches before it enter my house .

hope thing get better .

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Here is a Update . Since 5 Am and 6 AM


direct link



direct link



direct link @ 6:01 am


the 6 am mark seem lower

there is a Time stamp on the Photo top .which show the time .

Seem like it had slow down but is still heading to ward the 5 meter mark .

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Glub ... Glub ... Glub

Well the best that can be said from The Pun Pun is that we made it Things a little wet. Water in some of the lower rooms, but everything was put high and away. While the water level gauge said that it surpassed the 2005 level, it did not reach my office, which in 200a5 had about 14 inches of water inside.. This time it came close and another cm or two would have put it in the office.

The flood chart says it has held for the past 3 hours at 4.94. but I have been reading the river gauge at that level for about 5 hours. It has been going down noticeable in the past 45 mins or so. Hope and pray for a speedy drop in the river level before we get any more rainfall. Our kitchen has a few inches of water , but is being tended to as we write. Even though there is some water damage, we made it through basically pretty good. Do hope that all others feel as fortunate and continue to have good luck in the time of receding water.

Good Morning all


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Look like a @4.94m


Direct link


@6:26 am

seen like is going up slightly but the few CM might not be a big problem if the flow is rapid enough to carry away the water or no basin area is fill

as long as the water keep flowing is a good sign .

Good luck to all .

And all the best to Pun Pun

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^ The good news is that Baan Mae Tae has been going down since midnight - from 4.89 @ 23:00 last night to 4.53 @ 6:00 am this morning.

Nawarat bridge was going up until 4:00 am and stable at 4.94 since then.

I dare say the worst is over. For now. I hope that's not famous last words... edit

4.93 @ 7:00 am - first drop!!!

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it is thigh high in the street behind the Gymkhana golf club, lots of Thais wading as far out as they can along the street and taking pics of each other. seems to be slowly but consistently getting worse here, with an inch or two going up every hour.

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A hip wader business could be lucrative right now.

Water in bkk has been noticably higher along the river since yesterday but nothing like CM -yet.

Good luck to all up north-keep any cuts on your feet and legs super clean.

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Just saw this alert for later this week:

Wunderground Nesat Tracking

Right now the Ping River valley is kilometers across with water from Mae Taeng to Chiang Mai. Let's hope the whole basin gets a chance to drain before tropical storm Nesat comes through. Best wishes to all of you in Chiang Mai dealing with the floods.

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Updated my graph with current data for the curious. :)


Good graph Tywais.

Also for the curious, here are what the times for the Ping River flood crest looked like yesterday:

Ban Pao to Chiang Mai: 24 hours

Highway 1323 to Chiang Mai: 18 hours

Note that this excludes any consideration of the inflow of the Mae Taeng River which is downstream from the points above.

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