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Flood Warnings 2011

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Raining in Mahidol road area and appernently the Thais are rushing to move their cars to higher ground. Cant see this would be necessary....

It could rain in torrents in that area for weeks and make not one iota of difference to river level within the city. Lemmings, the lot of em. :whistling:

Op, La Nina aside, you'll be fine in November. Rainfall typically drops right off towards end of October, when there's a definite seasonal change including lower humidity and nightly temps... though don't take my word for it. ;)

Don't forget that the tide level / surge is coming up and should peak the last week of Oct.

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I have seen many people praising Nakornchai Air. I was thinking of taking it on the middle of this month to "tour" the provinces going up from BKK to CM. Do you think it's still a good idea now with the flooding?

if they are still running I recommend you try to book a seat on the first class bus. See The slide presentation of the inside of the

buses by clicking on the Middle Arrow in the circle in the upper left corner of the screen.

But you have to book well in advance to get a seat on one of these buses because they are always full because they only have 21 seats. but they are very comfortable and far more convenient than flying.


Thanks for the link. Yup, the seat looks good, like the massage sofa at home.

It looks like I need to postpone my 16th trip to a later date considering the flooding conditions.

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